Aquarius Weekly Horoscope 31st August to 6th September 2020

Aquarius Weekly Horoscope 31st August to 6th September 2020

Aquarius (born between January 21 and February 19): On Monday the 31st, you will have a special aura and a lot of enthusiasm in everything. Friendships will help you resolve professional issues that need a solution. You will manage to fix this challenge with the help of others.

On the 3rd, Wednesday, focus on financial matters to resolve unfinished business. You count with enthusiasm and speed, but avoid susceptibilities. On Wednesday 2nd, your mental and novel qualities will surround you, but you will also feel some stress. You must slow down and calm your rhythm to feel satisfied and peaceful.aquarius weekly horoscope 31st august to 6th september 2020

On Thursday 3rd, you must organize your time and energy so as not to use it all at once as it is necessary for multiple activities. Your intuition must allow you to guess which people are worth contacting socially. On Friday the 4th, you must face your courage from a fun perspective. When you get what you want, you will feel capable of knowing yourself better and enjoying everything much more, and from another point of view. And the weekend; Saturday is a special time to dedicate to you and on Sunday you should use your imagination and intuition for everything.

This week you will be immersed in a universe of dreams and fantasies. The atmosphere, which will be static and intangible, is very suitable for the natives of the sign of Cancer. Beware of your extreme sensitivity. Think that, between the dream and the nightmare, there is only one step.

And you could get past it if you don’t connect to a positive wavelength. Above all, and foremost, avoid focusing on what is negative and dark in any situation that arises. You are not dedicated to making bobbin lace when it comes to your love life. Your displays of affection will be forceful and direct, or perhaps non-existent. Most likely, a fair middle ground will allow you to better live your current relationship as a couple.

Aquarius Your Lucky Numbers for this Week

The climate is very compatible with your sober and discreet temperament. You can act on the safe and sustainable ground. The fulfilling activities and a reassuring routine are yours. Passion is reborn in your love life! Let yourself go, for once, instinctively, without asking yourself too many questions and you will experience voluptuous moments, shared in complete complicity with your partner.

Nothing is too good to satisfy you and the imagination of your other half deploys all its charms to please you and be loved. Communication is encouraged and there are many common grounds. You don’t resist the temptation to love, you embark on crazy adventures or very romantic unions. The great oaths, the beautiful promises are in the spotlight.

Whether through dating or a renewed interest in your job, you don’t get bored and you are appreciated at work. Measure your enthusiasm anyway and curb your impulses so that they do not overwhelm the activities of your colleagues. Not everyone enjoys the stimulation of such a benevolent sky.

The situation is changing, love is there and is tinged with challenges. New friends will probably come into your routine, give them a warm welcome! You want to challenge yourself and you are perfectly focused on your personal goals. But do not fall into overdrive, you may become nervous and critical, creating tension in your relationships.

Money and Luck
Your finances are like a roller coaster, this is the trend of the week. Between compulsory expenses and budget for leisure, you try to stay the course, but it remains difficult, it is not for lack of giving you trouble. To avoid unpleasant surprises, you have no other choice than to keep your accounts from day today. The situation is not catastrophic, however, it remains to be watched.

You may start to talk about your intentions, to communicate, to expose your plans gently. The sky speaks of gestation, maturation, and possible obstacles, delays or unexpected problems to be resolved quickly. But the skies are preheating the engine and giving it plenty of fuel in the action-packed last week of August.

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