Aquarius Weekly Horoscope 3rd to 9th May 2021

Aquarius (born between January 21 and February 19): On Monday the 3rd, you need to show yourself generously and contrast what you offer to others and what they deposit in you. If everything happens spontaneously and naturally, you will be on the right track. On Tuesday the 4th, the best advice for today is to forget indecisions and throw yourself fully into what you know you master. It is the way to feel confident and worthwhile.

On Wednesday 5th, the doubts you have and the confusion about certain decisions that you must make will only be solved when you finally make a true decision and your heart can feel it from within. Then you will have the security. On Thursday the 6th, today your sensitivity is on the surface. And you must make harmonic adjustments to feel comfortable in your environment and with others. It is important that joy reigns.aquarius weekly horoscope 3rd to 9th may 2021

On Friday the 7th, today you will have to get out of the routine and monotony and form a safety net around you, which allows you to get closer to others with true affection. And the rest “will come in addition”, as the sacred texts said. On Saturday 8th, today the way you communicate with others is important because you will have a lot of strength. And if what you want is a happy day without friction, you must take great care of the way you speak and how you do it. And on Sunday the 9th, it is a special day to talk with friends and close people. And if that is the case and you can go out for a while, it will be great to enjoy the sun or at least life.

You may experience a drop in enthusiasm this week of May 3rd. Events block your expression of your personality, and you tend to overreact to make yourself heard. Social exchanges bring you more disagreements than real satisfaction, so you will have to rely on your will alone to get you out of this mess.

There is a great opportunity this week to rearrange everything in your space. Things are getting crowded, right? Right now, with Mercury connecting with Pluto and Jupiter, is the best time to sit quietly and reflect, rather than lash out. Saturn goes retrograde in your sign this weekend; it will take the pressure off a bit.

Aquarius This Week Horoscope of Love, Luck, Health and Money | 3rd to 9th May 2021

You may be prone to love at first sight, but your need for independence is heightened and your emotional relationships may be tarnished by quarrels. Try not to get carried away unnecessarily and keep your self-control! You take stock and consider what to do next to each of your relationships. You are on the path to renewal and fulfillment!

If you let your ardor disrupt your discussions, it is possible that spat will mar the happy development of your various projects and that your professional partner is more or less openly opposed to your development. Count on the skies to negotiate and keep the dialogue open. It effectively contributes to the successful outcome of your current affairs.

The general atmosphere does not correspond at all to your current desires, so you will have to adapt to the circumstances by putting in goodwill. Otherwise, you risk wasting your energy in fruitless and tiring steps because you cannot be convincing enough. Be right and be patient.

Money and Luck
You do not have to worry, this week you do not encounter economic difficulties, in this respect, your accounts are doing better but it is advisable to be cautious. You could benefit from a little financial boost from an administration. Your bank could respond favorably to one of your requests. Your partner’s income is a necessary supplement for the well-being of the family. Aquarius Your Lucky Numbers for this Week

You have to think before you act and temper your growing impatience. You are not to be taken with a grain of salt, but you could advantageously use your energy to promote your daring plans while avoiding, however, overriding your hierarchy which would hardly appreciate your whims. There are plenty of opportunities to stand out from the crowd. Be cleverer than rebellious.

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