Aquarius Weekly Horoscope 4th to 10th November 2019

Aquarius Weekly Horoscope 4th to 10th November 2019

Souls ignite but do not burn. Venus in sextile gives breadth to your love life and helps you verbalize your feelings. The greatness of soul, nobility, and generosity are typical of this transit. Stay reasonable so as not to weaken your finances.

You are in charge of Monday and Tuesday, knowing it or not. It is time for you to step forward and take charge of the situation, even if it seems a bit confusing or difficult. The final result is up to you!aquarius weekly horoscope 4th to 10th november 2019

You feel a bit of a bad mood in the middle of the week, and you can almost feel that you have reached a point where there is no going back. While it seems you need to end the relationship, chances are you just hit a bump, don’t give up yet! No matter what your situation, you will see that things are much better for the weekend.

You have the art of creating tension even without realizing it, a conflict can arise on a misunderstanding. You need peace, take time to do nothing, but it is not possible. Your half does not give you time to breathe. You need to confide in someone without delay. Talk to someone you trust openly.

You are hardly supported and the conjuncture invites you more to cogitate than to start any action. The sky recommends you the greatest caution. You are not immune to the controversy and more or less pernicious maneuvers of rivals who could take advantage of your weak points to destabilize or even discredit you.

Venus in sextile pulls you up and encourages you to express your feelings. This is an excellent time to secure your love in the long term, with a certain panache despite your reserved nature. Engagement, marriage, baby? It’s time to invest!

Money and Luck
Do not consider expensive projects this week of November 4th the climate is rather cold! Indeed, your expenses of the past still weigh on your budget balance, there is a time for everything and even to review its plans! While your cash flow is regular and your bills paid but you spend the wrong way, caution! Initiatives will not be favorable either save those to save!

Save your resources and learn how to manage your excesses. Get rid of the tension that would eventually undermine your morale. If you bend under the weight of reproach or stress, try not to somatize and treat yourself to a massage or a relaxation session. You are not immune to disturbances, but would be well advised to confront them rather than trying to avoid them. Aquarius Luck Today

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