Aquarius Weekly Horoscope 6th November to 12th November 2017

Aquarius Weekly Horoscope 6th November to 12th November 2017

After a period full of frustrations and constraints, your sky lights up with Mercury emerging from the shadows to make you see the country, encourage you to move, meet people and expand your knowledge. This influence unlocks frozen situations and allows you to find interesting activities in freedom and autonomy. This nice transit will keep you in a good mood, renewed projects and relationships as diverse as fulfilling.

Mars gives you the motivation, but you have a little trouble getting started. You then catch up and easily pass the peloton! Nice period, you will see your daily soften and light up over the days. Mercury frees you from nervous and emotional tensions, brings a breath of fresh air to your relationships, your movements, and even your thoughts. A little morose or tired lately, you will again cross opportunities in your meetings and loves. This transit gives you great ideas in original or alternative fields.aquarius weekly horoscope 6th to 12th novermber 2017

Aquarius Love
Your love life may be rocking this week, through a landmark meeting or a dramatic change in your relationship. Indeed, the external circumstances naturally push you to say aloud the bottom of your desires. As a result, you may have difficulty fully respecting your partner’s independence needs, especially since you will have less patience than usual.

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Aquarius Job
The transit of Saturn will confront you with circumstances that will allow you to develop your pragmatism in successive fits, as well as your ability to reason and analysis. You gain in mental lucidity, the period is ideal for everything related to investigations, missions, training, studies, specialization. Less scattered to the four winds, more precise in your actions, you will have many opportunities to establish your stable situation, to make your donations profitable.

Aquarius Money
You will enjoy this week on November 6, positive support for the improvement of your financial life. Indeed, you will encounter situations that will allow you to open doors and free you from financial brakes. Your audacity and your confidence in you strengthened bring you luck, what seemed impossible will become with support, it’s time to start a big project.

Aquarius Health
You will not run out of energy this week, shape side. In fact, it will be a matter of simply taking the thing and feeling the right limits for the externalization of your energy. You will have a more intense need for movement, to move muscularly. But these tendencies can lead you to a big bout of fatigue that you do not see coming if you do not respect the right limits.