Aquarius Weekly Horoscope 7th August to 13th August 2017

Aquarius Weekly Predictions Horoscope 7th August to 13th August 2017

The transit of Jupiter in sextile allows you to trust your instinct and lead a fulfilling social life. You have no difficulty in pleasing, connecting new relationships and sharing your friendliness, you have excellent relationships with those around you. In return, you feel loved, appreciated.

You will have more freedom to master your sentimental life more. Indeed, you will spontaneously find more respondent, spring, motivation to express yourself in front of your partner. Showing who you truly are you will be indisputable The influxes of Uranus and Venus associate your audacity, not without reinforcing your charm and your power of persuasion. This is the ideal time to experience new experiences that are wider than usual, even if they are to overthrow taboos, based on outdated principles.aquarius weekly horoscope 7th to 13th august 2017

You will be working with more convenience this week. Despite the upheaval that is taking place in your professional entourage, your activity will intensify as much relationally as in the background work itself, which will also increase. Your heart to the book will earn you the stability point within your team. The influx of Mars to your sign still expose you to criticism. To absolutely relativize because they will rarely be deep.

To improve your social situation, you do not hesitate to embark on major projects, remain cautious and act with wisdom and logic! With a sense of leadership and a sense of justice, you are always ready to set an example for others.

You place your brands with finesse and strategy, this first week of August, in your financial life. Your logic will be stronger and you will advance according to your priorities, without weakening on your objectives. The influx of Mercury helps you to get back on unnecessary costs and invest in practical actions by positively reducing risks.

This week will be very positive at the form level. Indeed, you will disengage from the influences of Pluto that undermined your mental energy and channeled too willingly in ideas dark or too sliced. What did not look like your background! The stars protect you from great fatigue, you will be protected. Watch your liver and avoid lipids and you will positively remedy your potential weaknesses this week.

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