Aquarius Weekly Horoscope 7th January to 13th January 2019

Aquarius Weekly Horoscope 7th January to 13th January 2019

Venus calms your ardor but brings a depth that was missing this first week of the year. It is for you an excellent period of comfort, beauty, luxury, calm and pleasure. Moments of luck are likely, resulting in meetings, associations or exchanges more serene and more stable.

However, there is a danger of laziness or nonchalance to fight to take advantage of opportunities. Venus is also an irresistible attraction for beautiful and good things, at the risk of taking pounds or losing your savings. As always, sobriety and control are the best guarantee.aquarius weekly horoscope 7 to 13 january 2019

Your partner will be more easily asserted this week. Your way of being and your natural reactions reassure, your words are in direct connection with your deep nature. You will feel at liberty, even if you are related to a person, you will find your marks more easily. You will be more calm about your emotional future, more sure of yourself. But beware of misunderstandings that are in the air, do not force anyone to commit this week especially!

Your sense of priorities is sharpened by Jupiter, which makes it easy for you to do big projects, make important decisions, implement strategies this week. The atmosphere at work is restless, your staff will be more pressing to ask for your help. The intellectual efforts will be facilitated, but your energy reserves do not forget it, are not inexhaustible.

Money and Luck
This week will be excellent to improve your budget. Gradually, through realism and wisdom, your finances find more balance. You will clarify your situation and start on a healthier basis. Even if the implementation progressively spreads, you will be pushed to take courageous resolutions and to engage with accuracy. Your awareness of the less pleasant aspects of material matters is strengthened.

The form is present, but remains sober in its externalization this week. Indeed, you will naturally have more restraint to let your energy flow to your brain. This temperance will allow you to look more closely at your needs, it’s time to make an appointment at the dentist, to focus on everything you have somewhat neglected in recent times.

By Mary Emma

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