Aquarius Weekly Horoscope 8th to 14th March 2021

Communication, for you, is a tool of choice at the service of your social life to which you attach great importance. Mars in trine supports you and gives you enthusiasm and energy to get ahead of your relationships. You will even seek to widen the circle of your acquaintances.

Better times are yet to come for you. The bad times or those complicated by not having money or a job will begin to be left behind. You are a very capable person and that has taken you forward, so do not be disappointed that very good things are to come. The stars will align this week so that you are very happy, with pleasant news and a future full of good vibes.aquarius weekly horoscope 8th to 14th march 2021

Aquarius This Week Horoscope 8th to 14th March 2021

The sky guarantees you fluid communication and you excel in the art of forging links, take advantage of a situation entirely devoted to your care, and ready to satisfy the least of your desires. Your magnetism, reinforced by the stars, should earn you some nice successes with your potential admirers and you do not deprive yourself of browsing happily.

The sky endows you with the finesse and skill necessary to enhance your initiatives. You, therefore, have remarkable assets to score points and advance your pawns on the social spectrum. The iron fist in a velvet glove will serve you much better than rowdy statements, so opt for the diplomatic route straight away!

This fresh breeze of individual freedom serves your interests and puts you in a good mood. You can do great business and meet a lot of interesting people by making the best use of your exceptional adaptability and entering this new game, a little bit crazy but full of big business.

Money and Luck
It is not this week that you will achieve extraordinary financial results, it does not mean that everything is going badly on the side of your finances, but before you can build up a nest egg water will flow under the bridges. A situation to regularize, a loan to settle, take care of each detail one after the other without ever losing sight of your objectives. The positive point is your great peace of mind.

Heaven invites you to carefully control your spending and manage your holdings more closely. They are not inexhaustible and neither can you. So spend yourself but not beyond reasonable because the week is greedy in energy. Now is the time to act, but without losing sight of the fact that the harvest is coming and requires effort.

Aquarius Your Lucky Numbers for this Week

Aquarius (born between January 21 and February 19): On the 8th, if you let yourself be guided by love, you will make the best decisions. Do not hesitate so much and jump in if you have security in your heart. You will be able to carry out your deals harmoniously and pleasantly.

On Tuesday the 9th, make your decisions logically and with kindness in the background so that you can value your power and courage in the face of all life’s challenges. On Wednesday the 10th, your ability to express yourself will be surprising, which will help you to undertake your tasks with much more clarity and ingenuity. Avoid doubts and do not hesitate.

On Thursday 11th, trips will be favored and you will also be able to meet new friends who willfully enter your life. On Friday the 12th, let everything flow at its own pace, life is cyclical, day follows night, and so on. You will have to adapt as soon as possible, to avoid getting entangled in petty matters.

On Saturday the 13th, your social encounters sometimes cause you certain insecurity. But you must lose it altogether because you have enough drive and wisdom to do it properly. And on Sunday the 14th, you will feel very comfortable with your performances and with your way of feeling personal, since you will be the axis of everything and you will see that others converge on you.

Do you remember those great transformation lessons 2020? Where did you have to go through a personal hell to be reborn from your ashes as a phoenix? Probably during August, you experienced an event that pushed you to seek a radical change, an important transformation

Well, the full moon of March 8th warns us that it is time to reap the efforts you put into leaving behind a part of yourself, your fears, and your ghosts to be reborn. The next two weeks will be for you to discover your power of alchemy, the one that teaches you to turn your darkness into light

It is also a time when money can come from an external source, you can conclude a legal process or an issue that has to do with pensions or inheritances.

Mercury started directly and in your sign, so you have eight days to take action, make decisions and push a new plan that aims to renew your image or give a new direction to your 2021. It feels like a small birthday.

Throughout March, you will find beauty and harmony in your home, on a visit to your hometown, near your mother, or renewing energy at home, with your family.

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