Aquarius Weekly Horoscope 9th November to 15th November 2020

Aquarius Weekly Horoscope 9th November to 15th November 2020

Aquarius (born between January 21 and February 19): On Monday 9th, inspiration and great sensitivity are your brands, and you will take them with you in everything you do. It is a special day to dedicate to artistic subjects if you have the facility for it; and if not, you will have originality, anyway in all your actions.

On Tuesday the 10th, your mood will be dreamy and imaginative; and you will be surprised by almost everything new that you see today. If you are an artist, capture your creations. And if you are not, have the most fun with others. On Wednesday 11th, you can take a little trip to an idyllic place. Everything will be different, even the air you breathe. You will feel very comfortable and with great wisdom. Take the opportunity so that in dreams you see what your talents are.aquarisu weekly horoscope 9th to 15th november 2020

On Thursday the 12th, you have so much vitality that it escapes you, and sometimes you use it not in what is important, so pay attention. You have to study carefully what you are going to use it for because it is important to get it right. You will be able to make peace with a person you haven’t seen for a long time. On Friday 13, your great vitality must be dosed, to prevent it from running out too quickly. Your imagination is incredible, so put everything calmly, but a lot of joy, and go ahead.

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On Saturday the 14th, you will feel a bit rebellious, but your originality will help you pave the way for everything you do. You will have great sensitivity; and you will keep in mind that it will be made to wait, but the result will be great. And Sunday is a day to have fun “To the top” and if it is with more people, much better; since the joy will be contagious and you will achieve a “Quorum of happiness”.

Aquarius Your Lucky Numbers for this Week

You have the opportunity to shine, to make yourself understood, and to have your ideas accepted. Those who have a request to make, a partner to seduce or win back can believe it! You benefit from the fruit of your efforts and from the development that you have been able to give to your projects.

You think you are allowed everything and acts as if you are alone in the world. Your goal is to distract yourself, you act passionately and unpredictably. Be careful not to spread yourself too thin! You are fighting fiercely to maintain your independence, but the sky may sometimes put obstacles in your way.

You have been working with enthusiasm and great enthusiasm all this week, which will attract all kind eyes. Be aware that highlighting your successes or your development always involves acting with tact and modesty to spare colleagues who may be less effective than you. Do not try to please, be yourself but do not shut yourself up either, success is shared!

This is an opportunity to unleash your creativity and maintain privileged exchanges with your loved ones. Dare to try new methods or adopt other points of view. Your instincts allow you to make creative changes in your life. You can be successful if you are flexible and tolerant enough.

Money and Luck
A roller-coaster week of November 9 invites you to examine your accounts with more rigor and without self-indulgence. Indeed, you accumulate debts and other late payments and your banker could get angry if this financial bleeding continues. Money is a way to improve your life but it is far from being the only one: find what brings you happiness, without putting yourself in the straw!

If possible, avoid wasting your strength this week. Heaven bestows its favors on you and sustains your energy. You have to fend for yourself and take care of your own health. Beware if you persist in opposing those around you or fighting indiscriminately to support plans that are far from unanimous.