Aquarius Weekly Horoscope April 20th to 26th 2020

Aquarius Weekly Horoscope April 20th to 26th 2020

Full of ambition, you feel an urgent need for action, for conquest, but you must channel your powerful energy so as not to take too bold initiatives or embark on rushed actions.

You are motivated to undertake long-term work or to tackle difficult subjects in solitude and that is a good thing.aquarius weekly horoscope april 20th to 26th 2020

The start of the week is relatively calm. It is from the middle of the week that things start to change in your love life. Do not try to resist the necessary changes, your shoulders are not wide enough to counteract the changes that disturb your daily life, by welcoming these upheavals as positively as possible, your emotional life becomes even easier.

COUPLES: Saturn in a good position in your Sky will make the natives living in a couple more reasonable than lately. They will, therefore, seek, above all, to live in harmony with their partner … and to make him forget the difficult moments he has experienced recently.

SINGLES: The beautiful planet Venus promises you mountains and wonders in the field of love. All your initiatives will prove beneficial while ecstasy will be there. A wonderful love, at first sight, is to be expected.

While waiting for better days, do not give in to anger and use your current energy to fight fights that will bear fruit very soon! Learn how to manage your reserves and properly distribute your expenses. Otherwise, exhaustion and depression await you. Do not get out of breath and remember that who sows the wind picks up the storm.

You must beware of your impulsiveness which could well make you commit some imprudences or push you to be brutally creating in the passage of the tensions in your relations. You are more attentive to your finances and more inclined to recharge your batteries. Cultivate patience and reflection to reap the benefits of this transit.

With this aspect of Jupiter, now is a good time to turn around tough business or, if all goes well, move up a gear. Take advantage of the favorable atmosphere to definitively liquidate certain obstacles that have bothered you for a long time and which you have never managed to completely overcome, such as the reluctance or resistance of your employees or associates.

Money and Luck
Step by step, you will manage to rectify your financial situation with common sense and method. There are always solutions to everything! As long as you are in good shape and your mind is full of ideas, you will be able to take control. Success awaits you, even if it has to prepare. You are in this phase. Not the funniest but essential. Only then will you have the satisfaction of the duty accomplished.

Financial difficulties may make this period more restrictive than you had anticipated. But do not panic: Saturn well aspected will give you the means to get out of it honorably. Now, be more careful: limit your expenses to the bare minimum, and repay the borrowed money as quickly as possible because, it is said, who pays his debts gets richer.

Start the week with a little exercise to keep your energy and tone both physical and moral. This week of April 20 may seem a little long, but you are resistant and determined. You will avoid the hassle by paying attention to the signals that your body is sending you. For your well-being and your balance, favor quality sleep and avoid sleepless nights!

Great morale and rock-solid energy are what awaits you. Also, if you have a few health concerns, you will address them in a very positive way and will have the chance to find the right doctor and treatment.
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