Aquarius Weekly Horoscope February 13 to 19, 2017

Aquarius Weekly Horoscope From February 13 to 19, 2017

Work: Work and material development will continue throughout the week if you manage to concentrate on your work and improve performance, nothing is given away, everything should be won, the stars only encourage events, but you must carry them out.

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The stars will be on your side, do not hesitate to help yourself make the Universe affirm it too, incorporate, raise your head, and rule the planets in your favor, behave as the successful master that is, to get out of trouble in The work should be very good mood. From this week you should measure your words at work. You will be given new functions. Favorable week to undertake a new stage, even if it is projecting a different destiny. The best purpose is to be enthusiastic about your aspirations.

Love: A new person in your life can become a very important person. Find the time to meditate on this and find the place in your life for him or her … a unique strength will emerge from this relationship. Ideal time to make peace. Your partner will contain you emotionally and that will strengthen the relationship. You will enjoy very intense intimate moments during the week, plan a glorious end to the weekend, you will not regret … Under the compassionate Guardian Moon build your new dwelling in the forest, Venus will arrive to fill you with flowers, beauty and sensuality.

Health: Renew hope day by day, vowing to be happy only today … and to remain steadfast in the pursuit of health for all who surround it, to know how to ask is to find and receive. Health is the basis for your life to be as you choose, without it there is no possibility of working or loving in all its magnitude or the forms you prefer … It preserves and pursues health first and foremost. If you are not an athlete, it will be a heart check. Do not neglect your health, a diet and good daily walking will get you ahead, the sedentarism is very bad partner for these natives.