Aquarius Weekly Horoscope February 24th to March 1st, 2020

Aquarius Weekly Horoscope February 24th to March 1st, 2020

It’s time to refine your projects. Your reflections will allow you to get rid of the superfluous from the past and disengage from the links that no longer bring you anything.

Concretely, this will have the consequence of clarifying your situation and making you more available to everything concerning your progress towards more harmony.aquarius weekly horoscope february 24th to march 1st, 2020

The period is beneficial for moving forward! You open your heart and your mind to new concepts, other ideas, sometimes with unexpected outlets. You are experimenting with new, freer ways of loving. Your love life is tinged with pretty shades of pink! You feel freer and better understood by your loved ones.

This sky facilitates your progress and your ingenious ideas are carried by the public favor so, open your eyes and extend your arms. You can find useful contacts and strengthen your influence on those around you. You are getting back on track and no doubt feel the furious urge to kick the enclosure.

You are strained in your relationships under the influence of Uranus. Your detractors are spicy and it is up to you not to give the stick to make you beat. You must take a step back to recharge your batteries: isolate yourself, away from the hustle and bustle, free yourself from the eyes of others on your projects. In a word: regain confidence!

Money and Luck
How to collect pretty recipes? This is an area where you are about to become an expert these days. Whether voluntary or fortuitous, moreover. But in any case, given such favorable inflows, we ask you from all sides for management advice! On your side, you are delighted to see these benefits which allow you to plan some well-deserved little pleasures. Aquarius Luck Today

Prepare for a next uplift that would be good to approach in style and if possible in shape. Remember to conserve your resources and, despite the good skies, keep a pear for thirst. Generous, but take care that a temporary carelessness does not quickly degenerate into harmful unconsciousness. You would bite your fingers very quickly.

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