Aquarius Weekly Horoscope From 6 to 12 March 2017

Aquarius Weekly Horoscope 6 to 12 March 2017

Work: At work, words are better and better understanding is achieved. No acting behind or by gossip. Solve problems face-to-face. Do not get caught up in situations of tension and suspicion, use your intellect to evade the coming storm.

aquarius weekly horoscope

Those who are alone will suffer the memories of some lost love, not live in the past, enjoy the day that always delivers something beautiful. Students will have a chance to show off. Food will have to be taken care of. Try to stay calm, possible accidents can be due to distraction or nervousness. Personal growth is a natural need, and a task that must be taken with pleasure, as it brings creation, originality, new strength, manifest power and the concretion of what you want together with the possibilities of growth and change.

Love: The relationship will strengthen a romantic journey. If your partner is Cancer will achieve a good sexual understanding, If you find yourself just looking around, especially if you are traveling or touring new places, you could have a beautiful surprise. You must help a person close to emotional problems or depression, their help will be indispensable, not avoided. Watch out for jealousy. New friends will be born. In this circle of friends you can begin a good relationship of love. Couples who are already established will have to resort to dialogue to try to recover the couple. You have to calm your anxiety by doing some activity you like.

Health: In the universe there is a continuous energy change, giving and receiving are two aspects of this flow. Follow the flow in this direction and try to maintain the balance. Your unique being has a personal purpose of inner growth, success and unconditional love. The warmth you will find in your partner will excite you. Try to calm down, there are great nervousness and resistance in the workplace that can exceed your possibilities of containment and end up in family problems, try to resume calm times and not take the difficulties of work to the house … take care of your blood pressure avoiding Nerves and try to eat without salt for a few days to improve this aspect of your body.

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