Aquarius Weekly Horoscope October 21st to 27th, 2019

Aquarius Weekly Horoscope October 21st to 27th, 2019

Your relationships with others are more spontaneous and you do not waste time playing diplomats. You carry out actions, struggles or just steps to get rid of old shackles that you probably did not see so far. Your thirst for life is intense and pushes you to decisions that can commit you for a long time.

Singles, you provoke meetings and develop good strategies to find the soul mate or you take advantage of these dynamic winds to live fully and enjoy the moment with carelessness and sensual pleasure! In couples, you enjoy a flashback that ignites your days and nights. Be careful because the forbidden fruits tempt you, then calculate the risks!aquarius weekly horoscope october 21 to 27 2019

Your creativity is a major asset this week of October 21st. You know what you want and you carry out all your activities, without being discouraged. You also take the time to think about your destiny. You have good intuition and a lot of common sense to handle all situations when they arise.

You feel nervous about your projects. Moments of vanity will sometimes emerge during your exchanges and you will have difficulty to be tactful. Your need for autonomy and independence is slowed by this week’s rich in discoveries and associations. Also, know how to explore this path without hesitation.

Money and Luck
Do not steer if your professional colleagues do not always understand how you manage your credit, perhaps avoid confiding on your privacy while taking into account remarks certainly unpleasant to hear but certainly sensible! Your wallet is becoming stale day by day, and if you stop spending by forcing yourself into a more modest, less expensive everyday life? Cook leftovers and do not discard!

Everything is fine, you are surrounded by the people you cherish the most, your morale is at the top, you smile broadly. This is the exchange week, you enjoy your friends it is essential to your well-being, you organize outings, your spirit is unifying this is worth all the honors. You end the week in the same state of mind, with your good mood as a bonus.

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