Aquarius Weekly Horoscope this Week 2nd to 8th March 2020

Aquarius Weekly Horoscope this Week 2nd to 8th March 2020

In the relationship field, tensions cause trouble and create some gnashing of teeth with those around you who will find it difficult to accept your behavior.

You are stressed and can’t stand having decisions made for you. You show great individualism which will not necessarily be perceived as good.aquarius weekly horoscope this week 2nd to 8th march 2020

You shine and it is a very beautiful week of March 2 which should benefit your loves and all your emotional relationships. Everything seems to be going in the right direction. You are thinking about the future and the long term and passion are igniting you. You draw plans on the comet and your audacity proves to be profitable but make sure your back and do not let your imagination go into a spin.

Beware of the feelings and emotions that may be accompanying you during this week. Remember that a couple is a matter of two and one is not worthy of everything.

If you distrust your partner, because you have disconnected from him/her, it is time that you are clear about your feelings to continue with the relationship or that each one goes by his side. Aquarius has no partner. Forget everything bad that happened to you in love and start giving love. Life will give you back the same thing you are giving.

You enjoy a great dynamic in your exchanges, your travels. You come across novelties, opportunities to undertake or acquire real autonomy. Now is a good time to start new projects and take on challenges. You join a group, federate other people to an idea that is close to your heart.

Your main challenge is to put water in your wine, not to commit completely reckless acts and to control your nervousness. Because, if you are not careful, you could quickly become disillusioned, create a vacuum around you and create some emotional suffering for yourself.

Money and Luck
Your financial flair seems to have taken a vacation right now! You are not so good at finding good deals, golden opportunities, and other D systems! Thoroughly rethink your material approach, don’t you have the feeling that you are stagnating a little? Take information from knowledgeable people but remember that advisers are not the payers! Aquarius Luck Today

In this week much of what you have raised or agreed is not going to happen as you expected. There are going to be blockages, delays, impediments that are going to make things go longer.

It is very possible that you need some external help, some advice to save the week. If it is a good week for the natives of this sign who want to study to advance professionally, grow economically.

One wonders who could hold your boundless energy this week. It would also be very risky to risk it, so much ambition and the desire to conquer you nag. Do not forget to save your strength for the future. You manage your resources but anxiety can sometimes push you to excess of any kind.

Connect with your inner energy, with the inner wisdom, that you let it flow, that you listen to that inner little voice. In recent times you have been more outwardly focused, but the time has come for you to also look within yourself and what your body is asking of you. This will help you heal from the ailments you have had.

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