Aries August 2, 2019 Horoscope of Friday

Today Aries August 2, 2019 Horoscope of Friday

There will be touches of joy in your love life and your sentimental reality flourishes. This is your time of emotional realizations, of meeting yourself.

However, a warning: if you are going to travel try to do it with more time in your favor since there is the possibility of delays or complications in it, which you can avoid with a touch of caution on your part as the planet of communications It is in a retrograde transit. You will be building something beautiful for your sentimental and family future with that person, children? Everything is possible.

You are in a happy moment and the last word in love has not yet been said even if it seems otherwise. Your intuition and the present conditions combine well.

Your mind responds to the external stimuli that surround your home and workplace. It is essential to have a pleasant domestic and work environment to help balance your nervous system and thus improve your health such as plants, flowers, pictures, without recharging.

If you do not like your job at all, go thinking about changing it so that it really satisfies you basically if at the end of your workday you do not experience a feeling of fullness and personal satisfaction. However, watch out for rainfall during this stage of retrograde planets.

Money and Luck
A good economic moment is coming, but before singing victory you must make sure you have everything well adjusted so as not to make mistakes. There are investments that seem safe, but after digging the surface a bit you notice its instability and lack of solidity.

Your horoscope and the tarot for today, Friday, August 2, 2019, ensure a movement of the energies until now static. If you feel that your life is stagnant, blocked and you want things to change and move forward, calm, dear Aries.

“The Judgment” is the card with which the tarot reveals that these changes will be positive or negative, depending on your past actions, your intentions and what you have put to improve this situation.

It is like an investment, if you have acted well, you will receive a reward, a release. The energies will change and that stagnation will evolve favorably.

Do not worry, you are energetic and vital. Put to work that security that you have in you and you will be able to with everything that is presented, whatever the result.

Aries always needs its own space due to its marked independence. In itself, the signs of fire come and go without anyone being able to control it, but Aries is even worse.

He usually needs time alone in his personal space, which is sacred to him. This feature contrasts with his generous and dedicated personality.

For this reason, an Aries native will only feel comfortable sharing his space with his partner, whom he will share in all his emotional states or needs.

It is an effective method to rest from so much social hustle and pressure. Do not forget that a protected by the sign of Aries saturates very quickly trying to please everyone, make them happy or fall well.

If you want to know what exactly you have to do if an Aries man wants to make you jealous the answer is simple, you must play the same game.

This means that you must be tough, let him chase you and make you jealous but sometimes, you must also fall into his trap and show him that he has part of the game won.

A native of Aries has a lot of energy and is temperamental, he likes to work for everything he wants and earn it with his own effort.

Courting your partner, seducing her and earning her heart little by little is a work that is protected by those protected by the astral house of Aries and jealousy enters that vicious circle.

Show him that you are vulnerable to his charms and hard to crack at the same time.
What to do if an Aries woman wants to make you jealous

If an Aries woman wants to make you jealous and you don’t know what to do, pay attention.

Like all the natives of her sign, they like challenges and challenges, so that the person supposes a puzzle that she must solve.

Be dual with the woman in the Aries horoscope. Let him see a more sensitive part of your side and, at the same time, you must stay distant and slightly mysterious.

When you show these clear signs of wanting to make you jealous, ignore them at the moment, but surprise them later with some detail or escape that shows you that you care how you feel and that your heart has won.

Thus, not only will you manage to pass the test you are putting with jealousy, but you will also melt his heart and secure his love.

After all, you are pure fire but they also have their little hearts.


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