Aries Daily Horoscope Today Monday 15th July 2019

Aries Daily Horoscope Today Monday 15th July 2019

There are internal feelings, very deep, that can be hurt in the past, but you must leave behind totally, forgiving, forgetting and remaking your life if you really want to enjoy love. This is a day of reevaluation and reconsideration of your sentimental matters, Aries.

A change of attitude is all you need to find the way to happiness because if you keep thinking about a disappointment of the past you will not be able to live your present. The movement of the Moon to the earth element will help you to consolidate what you now have in your life.aries daily horoscope today monday 15th july 2019

Follow your hunches, Aries. In these moments if you are single or single there will be changes in your sentimental scene. The main thing is that you are not rigid or inflexible but always proceed with flexibility, adapting to the changes that are occurring.

A temporary discomfort could disturb you in the morning hours affecting the most sensitive body parts of your Aries sign that are in the head. Do not worry because as the day passes you will recover and in the evening you will feel better.

If you have suffered a work accident, you have lost your job or have had a similar difficulty in your family try to see everything more calmly. The most possible thing is that all this is for your good and after finishing this cycle of your regent, Mars, retrograde, there will be something better.

Money and Luck
An unexpected setback in your economic life is part of the current growth process in which you are now entering and within a few days you will have far exceeded it. A transitory setback will teach you to invest your money better.

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