Aries Daily Horoscope Today Saturday 21st November 2020

Aries Daily Horoscope Today Saturday 21st November 2020

Today, Saturday, your ruler Mars continues to extend its cosmic influence, which for days has been in favorable aspects with Jupiter, sextile (60 degrees difference between both planets) and in opposition to Uranus (180 degrees), which creates a sui generis astral landscape in your Aries sign when combined with the transit of the Moon through Virgo which is an earth sign, and by the way, not very compatible with you. If you are not willing to start a life in common with someone, in particular, do not give them false hope and put your things clear today because you should not drag anything pending for next year. Take the present setbacks as a reason to grow and a stimulus in your work. In this way, any difficulty will become an incentive for your intelligence and will force you to act with much more initiative and originality.

Today old demons and dreams are on the agenda. Would you have liked to be an artist? Are you fully sure of it? If you are already an artist, would you like to be one in a more prominent or enriched way? Do not trust such fantasies because they take you away from being able to enjoy your real life. Living in the “here and now” and accepting what you already have will finally give you the same satisfaction as those who are richer or more famous.aries daily horoscope 21st november 2020

This Saturday you strongly receive the impact of your ruler Mars by the Scorpio sign that since yesterday has direct Mercury which creates an intense climate in your inner world. On the other hand, the opposition of Uranus brings to mind memories and nostalgia, Aries. What seemed less likely to you becomes a fact and prepares you for a New Year’s Eve of love and passion. An idea of separation could arise today and force you to temporarily distance yourself from your spouse or partner. But console yourself: this can only be temporary, and the estrangement will intensify and consolidate your relationships. “Absence is to love what the wind is to fire; It extinguishes the little one, it stirs up the big”. Single, love at first sight repeatedly! You will no longer standstill, as your power of seduction will wreak havoc!

You may need to deal with some complex emotions. Perhaps your child is going through a difficult time. You like to joke around and keep your spirits up, but maybe it’s time to get serious. Don’t dismiss a family member’s problems without actually discussing them. You will get positive results if you can schedule a family reunion. Talk about ways you can solve problems and work together to find solutions.

The natives of the third decan and who live in a couple will be under the direct influence of Pluto which will create a rather hostile climate within your relationship. You will certainly have to face the reproaches of your partner who takes a dim view of the relationships that you can have with someone around you. No matter how much you deny, your arguments will have difficulty being heard and this could provoke a fit of jealousy that you will find completely unjustified.

You are in a good astral tone, Aries, but remember that if you let stress and tension take over your day then you would end up with headaches and anxieties that would be reflected at sleep time. Your basic resistance will be good, thanks in particular to the influence of the Sun. But some other planets may earn you “hits”, moments of nervousness, awkwardness, or depression. Fortunately, these impacts will be temporary and are not likely to result in a serious alert.

You will be inspired to improve your health. If you’ve been feeling fatigued or tired, your system surely needs a boost. Maybe it’s time to focus on more nutritious foods. You will find that taking vitamins and herbs every day is helpful. Consult a nutritionist or herbalist for more information about your body’s needs, or you can research these topics online.

There may be a little heart alert you might experience that will make you realize the importance of adopting a healthier lifestyle. Nothing serious to predict but this event will lead you to try to change some of your behaviors. It could have a really beneficial effect in the long term if you manage to change your lifestyle and consumption habits. You are currently under the domination of Neptune and the resolutions taken under his influence are often judicious so follow your instincts!

Unemployed? Everything happens in its own time, and yours is coming. The main thing is that you take good advantage of every opportunity and do not let the possibility of a new job slip out of your hands that will arise at the least expected moment and if you don’t catch it right away it will be like a train that arrived at your station, you were not ready and you lost it.

The astral impulses will greatly accentuate your dominating and possessive side. You might have clashed with your professional entourage because you will try at all costs to impose your will, without any regard for the opinions of others.

Today you can do nothing wrong, therefore give yourself the high life. Somehow you will feel like it is your birthday since all the attention will be focused on you. You have the strength to break through with ease and complete the to-do list. If you can’t do it all by yourself, delegate tasks to others. They will honor and respect you.

Money and Luck
Work and money go hand in hand at this final stage of the year and especially today, Saturday, that the prevailing vibration is that of eight, which has to do with material goods, money, the economy in general. Mars will make you overly optimistic in your profession and make you underestimate difficulties. So, even in the face of tantalizing proposals, try to keep a cool head and examine the problem thoroughly. Aries Luck Today

Today you may decide to manage your finances in another way. You will want to pay your debts faster. You want to be free of all financial obligations that you must cancel. Plan a strategy for paying off college loans, car payments, or mortgage. Start a home business, part-time to earn a little extra cash. Today be optimistic and take control of your financial situation!

Thanks to your good humor, you manage to bring a certain atmosphere to your workplace. You make people happy. You will appreciate the compliments given to you today. Watch out for the jealous few who will try to block you in some of your missions. You have to override. If you are a craftsman, you will make a good income. They are necessary for the proper functioning of your business. Finally, if you are looking for a job, you should get feedback on your applications.

Family and Friends
You will feel the need to take care of your loved ones and make them happy. Be careful not to overdo it, as your concern may be misinterpreted. The arrival of Pluto in the second house will have a particular influence on the natives of the third decan who will have to show restraint in order not to be overwhelmed by their feelings.

The day can be one of the good news if you manage to curb your energy and listen to the grievances of your family members. All around you, your good humor will make more than one happy. You will radiate enthusiasm, faith in life, and your family will rejoice. We will feel so good with you!

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