Aries Daily Horoscope Today Thursday 19th November 2020

Aries Daily Horoscope Today Thursday 19th November 2020

The astral landscape of this Thursday is somewhat controversial, Arian because although your ruler Mars is directly in a sign related to yours and in a good aspect with Jupiter (sextile), on the other hand, it is in opposition to Uranus (retrograde) which is an unstable appearance. Don’t hide your feelings by assuming that by shutting up you are doing something positive. Your partner needs to hear your words expressing your sincere love with confidence and tenderness. If you know what you want and what you must do to get it, don’t get stuck and act with determination. Life goes on today, now, here. Do not keep waiting for tomorrow or the day after, because the opportunity to be happy if not taken advantage of could be lost.

You can make changes in your home. Maybe it’s time to get rid of some old furniture. Or you should paint the walls in a fresh, vibrant color. If you’ve been living in clutter, start putting away folders and papers. Take some boxes to a warehouse. Donate the old clothes to charity. Create more beauty and harmony in the house. The moment of truth has come, and today you may notice that some are trying to avoid you. You don’t just have friends! If you’ve done something bad, expect someone to blame you for it. A true friend will tell you what he thinks and allow you to explain yourself, but a false friend will judge you on this bad deed and debunk you without further ado. The sky is not very nice today.aries daily horoscope 19th november 2020

Due to the retrograde action of Uranus in opposition to your ruler, Mars, associated with the transit of Venus through your fire element, you could be allowing yourself to be carried away by appearances in an equivocal situation between you and that person. Do not judge or rush, what seems like a negative, really may not be. You will be able to decide quite easily today in case of a decision to be made, so, do not hesitate to do so. If you come to an intersection, and no one seems to know the rest of the way, take the initiative, and go ahead! It would be good, however, to point out to other drivers which route you are going to take before turning … Your strong and well-tempered positions should not cause your partners to rout!

You would enjoy spending time with your family. You can be very focused on your work and you don’t always allow yourself to relax at home. But today try to enjoy your loved ones. Take the opportunity to play with your children. Take the dog for a walk. Hug your wife and share your goals and dreams with her. Right now you need emotional intimacy. It is very important to build strong relationships.

“Flee from me, I follow you, follow me, I flee from you” is an adage that today seems to govern the least of your actions. The presence of the planet Mercury in your axis evokes a crossover in love worthy of the greatest vaudevilles. Ascendant Libra, your indecision is reaching its peaks you are disoriented to the point of not knowing at all what you want. You want everything and it’s opposite to the point of making the chosen one of your heart goat.

Listen to your body. If you feel like resting, do it and if you go to a social activity where there is food and drink, put control over your eyes, and do not fill yourself with sight. Everything in measure always gives good results. Enjoy life, but don’t do it in such a way that you will regret it tomorrow. This is the perfect day to open your chakras. You could rejuvenate yourself by meditating and surrounding yourself with people who share the same philosophy as you. Take advantage of this new energy to put on paper some new creative ideas. This is the opportunity to be at peace with yourself and to find yourself.

An old problem that you have surely already had to deal with will come back to annoy your daily health. Moisture: Especially in walls, closets, and cupboards, your home is full of potential strains of moisture. Normal, that you have a little trouble keeping an eye on everything. Not everyone has a Monk’s determination! However, you are in a good time to do a thorough cleaning of your household. Take the opportunity to take stock of the humidity level of your furniture and walls. Especially in the bathroom!

You probably feel great, and you probably look great. Today you will attract attention! The only downside is that you can feel stronger than you really are. If you try to do too much today, you could burn out and feel drained tomorrow. Watch your diet, rest, and dose yourself. Still, you will do everything you have to do.

Your work is being considered by those who are above you in terms of responsibilities and the efforts and dedication that you put into your endeavor are not being ignored. Recognition is very close. A group with which you are affiliated may ask you to take care of some tasks. It could be about making phone calls, running errands, or both. Your energy and enthusiasm are high, so this is a good day to prove how valuable your work is and how efficient you are. However, make sure you don’t overload yourself. You won’t help anyone if you burn out.

This is one of those days when you might find yourself in a paradoxical situation. After having fought like hell to make one of your dearest projects triumphs, you will find, too late, that you have left everyone behind. So take a quick step back and make efforts to involve your colleagues again in this common project. And may that serve as a lesson to you!

Money and Luck
The lunar transit of this day to a sign of your fire element is formidable in the economic aspect because it presents you with options that once weighted by you will increase your income, even in a sudden trip that you should take advantage of. A neighbor or someone you know might ask you a favor today! Or you could do your sick aunt a favor. These comings and goings will bring gossip about a friend of yours. Don’t take what you hear at face value, ask him directly if you are in doubt. The planetary situation will unleash the tongues of people with disabilities. Pay no attention to it! Aries Luck Today

Today your inner fire may feel somewhat suffocated by cruel reality. Give people the benefit of the doubt. They are more perceptive than you might imagine. In fact, it might be good if you get some honest opinions today from people you trust. It may be difficult for you to cope with the truth in your current situation since you are the one who is trapped inside the “whirlpool.” Consider the perspective of others.

The planet Mars dominates your sign and turns it resolutely towards the fire. If this can have positive effects on our careers, beware of any excess of enthusiasm. You work every day with respect for your ideas and you strive to show kindness and kindness. However, by doing this you are paying too much attention to what others think of you. The slightest criticism could well set you off. It is therefore urgent to take a step back on things.

Family and Friends
Marked with success, your career arouses the admiration of your loved ones. Unfortunately, there will always be envious people. These slow down your efforts to surpass yourself. In order not to stir up those old, baseless grudges, start by clearing all those bad vibes from your sight. Overall, they remain a notable brake on your moral integrity. Fortunately, the presence of the Sun in your sign should take them away from your social, family, and professional life.

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