Aries Daily Horoscope Today Tuesday 2nd March 2021

Aries Daily Horoscope Today Tuesday 2nd March 2021

The Moon is in transit through an air sign that is very compatible with you, that you are fire, and it balances and balances the cosmic scale. As long as you have Mercury retrograde and your birthday cycle is approaching, you must act with great tact and apply your experience so as not to spoil a romantic or work relationship. Tomorrow Tuesday, which is your zodiacal day, you will reap the good that you have sown in these previous weeks of the first quarter of the year 2021 that we are living.

Huge physical energy is building up inside you. Be careful not to release this incredible force like a heated argument with someone you truly love. Maybe you feel like everything is suddenly collapsing on you and you desperately need to find a way out. Do not stay at home. Put on a pair of sneakers and go for a run. Find a way to release this tension.aries daily horoscope 2nd march 2021

Your way of being, the charisma of your strong personality, but at the same time intense and passionate will captivate everyone. The planetary transit of your ruler, Mars, this beginning of the week will revitalize you and inspire you to say and do what your heart feels, Aries. There is a very positive tone within your emotional life that will help you to live intensely adventures of the heart.

The natives of the third decan and who live in a couple will be under the direct influence of Pluto which will create a rather hostile climate within your relationship. You will certainly have to face the reproaches of your partner who takes a dim view of the relationships that you can have with someone around you. No matter how much you deny, your arguments will have difficulty being heard and this could provoke a fit of jealousy that you will find completely unjustified.

Today your feelings tell you that the old goes away and the new stays. Right now many areas of your life seem stagnant. Inciting change is up to you. What will happen? Will you tell your partner that it is time to live together? Or time to part? Will you act smart in changing the direction of your career, or perhaps to book a ticket to a distant land in which to take a spiritual journey? Fasten your seatbelt, and prepare for whatever is to come!

During this month of the equinox, which coincides with what will be the beginning of your birthday cycle in a few days, your health is receiving a healing influence, and thanks to your constant care you are recovering very well from a disease.

A slight decrease in your cholesterol levels could weaken you a bit. Especially if you are from the first decan. The good news? Small physical worries related to food are a good excuse to taste delicious dishes (in moderate quantities of course). In your case, favoring meals rich in lipids and more precisely in omega 3 will do you the greatest good. For example, a fresh smoothie for breakfast made with kiwi, orange and strawberries will be a good idea to start your day.

Openness has its limits. In the past, you have hurt feelings with your determination, to tell the truth, and nothing but the truth. Today you must act with tact and diplomacy. You will be able to express your opinion without problems, with the advantage that nobody will resent you.

Your dedication to doing things quickly will be rewarded, they can cause you a lot of stress and overwhelm you. Don’t overdo anything, Aries. Get organized and do everything at your own pace, but not overstepping the line.

Today you are in a wonderful state of mind. And you don’t hesitate to let others know. You are like Santa Claus giving gifts generously everywhere. There is an exuberance in you that is difficult to resist. But be careful that you don’t run out. Save some of that joie de vivre for yourself and your loved ones.

Money and Luck
Prepare yourself for the financial surprises that will abound during this period of your annual birthday cycle that will begin on the day of the equinox in a few weeks. Some kind of unexpected nice gift heralds the arrival of better economic times. Aries Luck Today

This is a wonderful day to pay attention to your body’s signals. If you are feeling fatigued, you should go for a walk to cleanse your toxins. Drink lots of water and eat nutritious herbs. Exercise if you want to eliminate waste. You will need to detox by taking a break and relaxing. Today take care of your mind and spirit.

Like the papal mule, Alphonse Daudet, you never forget an offense. You go over an old story again and again and you take the opportunity to impose your bad mood on everyone. This hostile attitude prevents you from evolving in your workplace. So of two things one: pass the sponge or leave the ship. Kept his grudge for seven long years, are you not going to do the same?

Family and Friends
For the natives of the first decan, the planets foresee conflicts within your household. You will have a hard time understanding and accepting the needs and wants of your spouse and children. Clear up your heart and your brain. Sometimes a big hug solves a lot of worries. For other natives of the sign, the stars are extremely favorable to you. If you study, you will be in a good position to learn your lessons and succeed in your assignments. Above all, don’t let stress overwhelm you.

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