Aries Horoscope Sign Effects with Eye Colors

The Personality of Aries with blue eyes

The charm of Aries with blue eyes is irresistible, which explains the immense successes in its relations. We no longer count the number of friends and acquaintances in the four corners of the world. Nothing can be denied. It is to him that one could apply these words of the Gospel: “Ask and you will be given, seek, and you will find: strike and be opened to you: for who asks receive, who seeks to find, . ”

But The Blue-Eyed Aries still has some difficulty penetrating into the deepest intimacy of others, for it unconsciously awakens in them a touch of mistrust. The blue-eyed Aries loves to receive, passionately. For him it is both a pleasant sport and an almost religious ritual. He would rather give a brilliant reception to ten people this Sunday rather than go see his mistress or play a game of golf. His guests never have to complain, his table being always well stocked and the good wine flowing. If you refuse his invitations, he will hold you for a long time; It is by accepting his invitations that you give him the greatest pleasure. But if Aries with blue eyes spends liberally for his receptions, he knows how to count his pennies when it comes to other things that he considers less important or useless.

You could say he’s thrifty. He does not have the mania to change his car every year, to go regularly to the theater or to the cinema if the spectacle does not particularly like to him, to collect trinkets, or to follow fashion. Sometimes his penchant for the economy goes very far: it may happen to him to deprive himself of certain indispensable things. The blue-eyed Aries is often sentimental to excess. It is sensitivity rather than sensitivity that characterizes it. He always needs strong emotions, like Indian hot curry cuisine. A love story whose protagonists are not pursued by the implacable fate would not please him. Romeo and Juliet, Tristan and Iseult, the Racinian heroes and others condemned by fatality serve as daily bread. He loves to soften and to witness tears and sobs. This predilection for the tragic often plunges the blue-eyed Aries into dreams from which he can no longer escape. It is perhaps because of this sentimentality that the love life of the Aries with the blue eyes usually presents a somewhat curious aspect.

The beautiful continuous fixed displeases him. He likes to shake his boat from time to time without ever seeking, of course, to capsize it. The loving partner of the blue-eyed Aries must not worry too much when she sees him engage in unjustified scenes and jeremiades: the blue-eyed Aries is not ready to consider a break; He simply wants to put a large dose of mustard in his sauce.

The Personality of Aries with green eyes

The need for affection in Aries with green eyes is great but rarely becomes an obsession. The Aries with the green eyes conscientiously does everything he can to merit the hearts of others. He has the assurance that people will respond positively.

If sometimes his openings are not rewarded, he has enough common sense and resignation to just shrug his shoulders and say, “This is life!” He does not make a drama and does not allow himself to be defeated, realizing that love and affection are not things that can be ordered and even less demanded. The Green-eyed Aries can experience success by trying to write chronicles, as he has a keen sense of observation and humor. On the contrary, his imagination and sensibility are generally rather mediocre, which might prevent him from becoming a great novelist or a great poet.

The Aries with the green eyes does not want to deprive of anything and actively seeks all that flatters his sensuality. It is above all good food that attracts him. There is nothing to reproach him for as long as he remains within the reasonable limits of true epicureanism, knowing that the tendency to pleasure is inherent in our nature. Confucius himself affirmed: “If you know how to love the good things of life, you will know how to love Virtue.” But when the pursuit of pleasure becomes an obsession, as was the case with the “swine of Epicurus,” it quickly becomes degrading and disgusting.

“Who tastes of everything is disgusted with everything.” Moderation will therefore be advisable in Aries with green eyes. On the other hand, he must repudiate as a deplorable aberration the virtue of mortification as it was advocated and practiced by the medieval Catholic Church. The Aries with green eyes is a very good lover. It has practically no inhibitions or taboos. When he makes love, he gives himself entirely and carries his partner to the seventh heaven. But, in the field of love as in that of gastronomy, he will have to guard against excesses.

The sense of observation in Aries with green eyes is singularly penetrating, to such a degree that the latter seems to have the gift of divination. He perceives dangers where no one else suspects them; He sees the possibilities with a precision worthy of professional mediums. We would be well advised to take our prognoses seriously. He, however, does not rely on his own judgment and constantly refers to that of others. The Aries with the green eyes would willingly become disciple of Pyrrhon and Montaigne, but his skepticism has nothing philosophical and only results from his fear of failure. In business, however, he is as sure of himself as the Duke of Wellington was on the eve of the battle of Waterloo.

The Personality of Aries with brown eyes

If he gives himself enough trouble, the brown-eyed Aries can manage to dominate his passion for profit. And then his chances of finding good friends and a matching love partner early enough would be very good; He would have less to fear from solitude, and would have a satisfactory effective life. The risk of nervous breakdown or gastric ulcers does not threaten the brown-eyed Aries, because it does not mishandle its nerves and does not let its material worries worry him beyond measure.

But being very good living and not having enough will to impose a certain food moderation, he will have to face the serious problem of being overweight and hypercholesterolemia. The advice that can be given to Aries with brown eyes in this respect is simple but not always easy to follow: eat little meat and lots of fish and vegetables, drink moderately, replace the sugar with organic honey, Green from time to time, do physical exercises regularly and if possible daily. The Aries with the brown eyes shows a very clear tendency to the gentrification, in the pejorative sense of the term.

Of course, it is perfectly legitimate and even praiseworthy to know how to enjoy the good things that life offers, but this enjoyment must not be the cause of moral sclerosis. Locked in his cozy cocoon, Aries with brown eyes is far from understanding the lot of people and peoples who struggle to survive physically or morally. He will be advised to seek sympathy with the trade union movements, to accept with a smile the disturbances caused by strikes, to contribute to the well-being of the elderly, to participate in the fight against hunger and illiteracy in the Third World , To support movements fighting authoritarian regimes, to work for the respect of human rights, and so on.

His life would become sterile and meaningless if he remained curled up on himself and contented himself with looking at the great spectacle of the world with indifferent eyes. I-m’en-enfismism inevitably leads to apathy and boredom, which are incompatible with happiness.

I am Mary Emma born in 1996 and have been working as a full-time blogger since 2010. The socio-familial context led me to the area of Sciences and universe attending the Astrology course. But her philosophical inclination inclined her to the territory of Astrology, Psychology.