Aries Horoscope Thursday May 19th 2022

On this day you will feel like a chameleon because today the Sun enters Gemini, and that aspect makes you a chameleon, which makes your personality difficult to describe since you change all the time. This energy makes you have at least two personalities, but often many more. If you use this energy positively, you could achieve everything you set out to do, because you would be adaptable to any situation.

Today you will feel an impulse to delve into the feelings of other people. You may also seem possessive or obsessive, but your interest is likely to be welcomed by others. Your interactions with others, especially family members and women, will be more turbulent and profound than usual. Those are the conditions generated by the Moon trine Pluto.


Connecting with someone on an emotional level is important to you for now. Without such a close connection on a subconscious level with your partner, relationships would soon bore you. It is the energy generated by the Moon trine Pluto.

Transiting Moon Square Mercury creates a high degree of tension between the heart and mind. This is not an open war but a continuous questioning or internal debate between your thoughts and feelings. The end result is an intellectual or creative genius, but the process itself can be difficult and wreak havoc on your personal life.


The passage of Leo in your 5th house discharges his qualities in matters of love, so you love to be the center of attention in the relationship, if you receive a little indifference you will undoubtedly lose interest and seek a new love affair. But yes, if you are reciprocated, he will be the most faithful of the zodiac.


Virgo in your 6th house brings your intestines upside down because the intestine of this sign is the most vulnerable of all and you can suffer from any type of digestive illness. The advice is that you start pampering the state of your intestinal microbiota today.


Today Virgo is still in your 6th house, so it will be giving you the energy to be very demanding on yourself. You will be interested in learning and preparing to do your job better and better. Efficiency and neatness are your things for now.

Money and Luck

Taurus in your 2nd house begins to worry about saving. Wisely investing in what you have is one of your priorities at the moment. So you want to take care of every last coin you find in your house. If you do not think so, it will be because you already live well enough to worry about saving anything.