Aries Horoscope Wednesday 18th May 2022

It would be on a day like this, if you believe in angels, that you could see the manifestation clearly. It can be anything, a sign, an event, a person you meet who doesn’t say strange things to you, but who speaks to you precisely about something that represents the solution to one of your problems.

The weight that has beset you for the past few days is dissolving and melting like snow in the sun. You regain your vitality and your usual good mood. An irresistible force pushes you to reach out to others and open your heart to them without restraint. This generous support will be greatly appreciated. You will gain a lot of confidence and lessons from these sincere and passionate discussions.



Love is at the rendezvous today, but it could arise from the most unexpected place! A word of advice: don’t forget that, for you too, tenderness is necessary. Your big heart reminds you of this, but Cupid expects you to be bold and proud in all things love. Your sign is thus made: as soon as things touch on passion, you can move forward with confidence!


No matter how hard you try to spare the goat and the cabbage, you will not manage to do what you want. It’s every man for himself today and nobody cares about his neighbor’s problems! Also useless to count on your entourage to give you a hand. Concentrate on your work or take the day off to read quietly in your corner!

Money and Luck

It is possible that you tend to build castles in Spain. In other words, you see yourself bathed in success and success, surrounded by suitors, not even knowing how to spend your money. What a concern! You would gain in lucidity to come down to earth from time to time… Take care of your real life, set yourself objectives, and give yourself the means of your policy. You will be a winner!

HealthIf last month you were a little more extroverted than usual, especially in the context of the affective relationship, you will change your attitude a little from today. You will probably be calmer, more “posed”, and you will probably think a little more about the future. You have about thirty days to stabilize your projects.