Aries Luck in Month of July 2019

What is the Luck of Aries in July 2019

A new month begins with the many success chances for you, as long as you first free yourself from everything that torments you or makes you suffer.

On Day 2 the New Moon comes with a total solar eclipse. It will only in the South Pacific and in South America. This eclipse will help you open your eyes to reality because sometimes you see danger where there is none, and fear assaults you. Remember that the day of the eclipse the best way to protect yourself from any negative energy is by wearing white or black.aries luck in july 2019

The planet Mars is going to make you very good aspects all month, although it is important that you channel the powerful energy of the warrior Mars, and in conflict situations show your inner strength to control you and keep you calm.

Mercury, traveling until the 19th by a fire sign like yours, will give you a great capacity for communication. It’s time to succeed if you have a job interview or exam. Your clear and bright mind will stand out wherever you go.

The Fourth Crescent of the Moon, which will take place on the 9th, will give you that vital boost you need to achieve the achievements that you have been dreaming of for some time. Aries, it’s a fantastic time to organize that trip that you both want to do or that wonderful getaway that just thinking about it makes you face happy …

On the 16th, although the Full Moon comes with a partial eclipse of the Moon, it will not affect you. In any case, you should avoid taking unnecessary risks, both on the day of the eclipse, as well as the days before and after it. And as the nights of the eclipses the energy of the Moon is very intense, it is a magical moment to do a ritual and renew your illusions.

Your magical days are the 22nd and the 23rd. You will feel a very positive energy and you will have all the strength in the world to face any type of situation that life presents you with. Protected by the Moon you will feel invincible.
The Fourth Waning Moon, on the 25th, will alert you to the danger you can have if you let yourself be carried away by a person from your environment who does not see life in the same way as you, and can contribute to your entering a loop of negativity and confusion.

From day 28, the good aspects that the planet Venus will do to you will contribute to make you want to flirt this summer, to meet new people; You’ll even want to live a risky and fun adventure.

Mercury becomes stationary retrograde from July 7 to July 31, which makes you better understand the recent and distant past.

On the 16th, the full moon and partial lunar eclipse in Capricorn will close a professional chapter of your life. Maybe it’s a bittersweet situation, but put aside the attachments to “success”, and you can prove true success.

By the time the sun enters Leo on July 22, life is taking you out of the nest and into the wild world. It will take a leap of faith, but trust that the journey is destiny, and that you are exactly where you need to be.

Best Lucky days in July: 1, 11, 25
Challenging days: 2, 8, 21

The month opens with an important transit of Venus, which moves towards Saturn: a transit that, in common, distances us from loved ones and business companions. Things will happen that will separate us from the people we care about, and it is important that we do not let that happen. Passion, in all its forms, can blind us, and it is up to us that its fruits do not create serious consequences.

If you want to end uncertainty, begin by asking yourself what you want, and who you are … If you want to achieve change in your life, promote your own transmutation by knowing and visualizing yourself on your personal path to success.

In the couples of years, they will achieve a better understanding especially on the love plane. Words will be replaced by caresses and mutual attention. This situation will allow you to experience new sensations and connections.

Concrete, gather, forge, love, build, realize, sound, impose, promote, build your future from your current reality and your sincere wishes and luck, a future that is the path itself and its passing … and in this way ensures success because a happy path in life is a greater reward than any ultimate goal.

Aries, get ready to enjoy the month of July in style and live moments filled with real passion. Happy summer!


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