Aries Monthly Horoscope for January 2021

Aries Monthly Horoscope for January 2021

This January for Aries will be one of the professional advances. The most important thing will be to work, money, and love. The lucky numbers for January: 1-2-5-9-10-18-19-23-28-29.

Passionate like few others, brave and honest, Aries will not leave a puppet with ahead. He usually gets what he wants, as he insists, but he doesn’t persist beyond his own desire. Thanks to the energy of Uranus, he has been feeling for a long time a strong inner impulse to change, to dare to reform his life in all areas, leaving behind an already obsolete past that does not identify him.aries monthly horoscope january 2021

This month he will have the friendly energy of Venus from Mars, planets that will enhance his thirst to surrender to love from enjoyment. Complicity, companionship, fun, and, of course, desire, which will multiply eroticism and passion. It is a favorable time to travel to distant places. At the end of the month, it will be the best period to share with your friends and get carried away by social life and entertainment. That will free you from obligations and everyday stress. Stretch out, Aries.

The year 2021 will begin with unbeatable projects for the Aries. Jupiter, trine to the natal Sun of these natives, anticipates interesting benefits and as, at the same time, it will be stationed in the area linked to the outside next to the ruler of the sign, Mars, the possibilities of traveling and connecting with other cultures will be capitalized. As of the 16th, the red planet will move to the sign of Capricorn and, from there, will promote sustained action by the Aries in the professional sphere. Around the same time, Venus, Mercury, and, somewhat later, the Sun will be located in the XI House, promoting group work and contact with friends.

In love, you will feel good. Everything will be fine, but you are too sad. You need to put a little more joy in your relationship and share laughter. Everything is going well for you, so there is no reason to be sad and bored. Stoking passion and fun never hurt.

Love will be very intense and free this month. Venus in Sagittarius will connect you with the most sociable part of your Fire element, the one that makes you more inclusive and enthusiastic. She will also promote romance during a trip you take this month. Likewise, Mars enters Scorpio to add, to love and tenderness, strong energy of desire, and deep emotions. Both intimately and in a more public aspect of the relationship, he will feel that he can surrender and trust.

Social Life
In January you will do a lot of social life and you will take advantage of it for your business. All the new and good contacts, you take them from the quarry that your friends represent for you. You should go out and socialize. This month you will be tired, but a little bit you will have to go out because you benefit from the other side and you are interested.

At work, you will improve. As the month progresses, you will focus and business will be activated, with which you can feel back on track. At the end of the month, you will feel good, because you will see that you are focusing on your goal. Everything will move very fast in your life this month and you will feel happy to see how you are getting closer to your goal.

Money and Luck
It will be a good month financially. You will earn more money than usual and this will give you confidence in yourself. The more cheerful and positive you are, the better things will go for you. Positive energy attracts all the best. They are going to raise your salary or you are going to charge an unexpected commission, in recognition of your good work. Your parents will be nice to you too.

Family and Friends
With the family, it will be regular. There will continue to be tensions, but let’s say that the Christmas holidays have softened the situation quite a bit and you have had time to talk calmly about everything. This is what the mobility restrictions of the epidemic have, they offer us more time to spend with the family and talk about everything.

In January you will be in good health, but tired of the excesses of the Christmas Holidays. Despite the Covid and its restrictions and even in a small committee, you will dedicate yourself to eating and living it to the fullest. You will need 15 days to recover. Get a good night’s sleep, go on a diet, and rest. You’ll see how quickly you get in tune.

In general, Aries expend energy and abuse their physical potentialities as if they were superheroes and not mere mortals. They tend to boast of their vitality until they are exhausted. To avoid getting sick from exhaustion, they will have to sleep at least eight hours a day and eat well. The abuse of coffee, fried, and spicy will be the worst enemy for this sign that loves strong and highly seasoned foods. Those who are in medical treatment should take their medications regularly, otherwise, they will not improve, since Mars in Pisces will lower their defenses.

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