Aries Monthly Horoscope of October 2020

Aries Monthly Horoscope of October 2020

This October for Aries will be focused on work. The most important thing will be work, the economy, health, and social life. The lucky numbers for October will be 1-2-4-5-11-12-19-20-28-29-30. Aries is very impulsive, also in love. He seduces with passion and if someone dares to resist, he will apply the old tactic of leading the game of conquest by showing the imperiousness of his feelings.

Mercury and Sun in Libra continue to generate annoying situations. You may feel tired from losing your cool or feel a certain degree of physical and mental fatigue. Also, stress will reinforce the agitation that you notice within yourself, so you may react impulsively on more than one occasion. With Venus in Leo, you will have opportunities in love and a possible journey.aries monthly horoscope of october 2020

Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn offer powerful and renewing influences. Mercury in Libra will help you express yourself clearly and precisely. There will be no risk of big mistakes. You will always be passionate, positive, and enthusiastic. The stars have helped him to carry out a practical and spiritual evolution and to put aside any rigidity.

Aries Predictions October 2020
The natives of Aries will have much or favor during the first bearing of the month, except the domestic plane, where friction will reach intolerable levels. Aggression will abound if they do not adopt a more tolerant behavior. Despite these imbalances, in other areas, the Arians will enjoy excellent conditions. This will happen in the field of artistic expression, romances, social activities, and in the workplace. For these reasons, when taking stock, these natives will conclude that October will have been a very satisfactory period.

In love, you will do well as long as you do not dedicate yourself to criticize and beat your partner. Stop being so demanding and perfectionist. It is not a month to impose yourself, if not to keep what you have in harmony. If you are single, it will not be the best month to seduce others. You will have a low profile and will attract less attention than at other times.

You could go through moments of instability in your love life due to the Sun and Mercury in Libra, your opposite sign. Perhaps it is just a desire for more freedom, like the one proposed by Uranus in Aries. If in love he is in a stagnant situation, he will do whatever it takes to overcome old patterns of behavior. But, if the couple is solid and they are in love, she will have a good month, despite some fights over financial issues. Venus in Leo but gives you a lot of passion.

More selective than on other occasions, Aries will only try to accept that bond that promises to last in time. Those children of Mars who are in a couple will be in charge of polishing the edges that still disturb the relationship. From the second part of October, the problems will begin. Those who blindly believed in unsubstantiated promises will find that they have been foolish. On the other hand, the most cautious will be able to go through these days without too many troubles. With Cancer, Aries will rescue from their memory all the pleasant things they have experienced in the past.

Those who are alone will find their soul mate and those who are already linked by the cords of love will adjust them even more, thanks to the fact that eroticism and passion will strengthen the love bonds. However, from the second part of the month, a certain invisible barrier in intimacy will cause the emotional distance to be installed between the members of the couple. This adverse climate will tend to soften if they emphasize the romantic plane downplaying the purely erotic. It will be a matter of approaching the links from another angle.

Until the 20th Venus in Scorpio will make you experience violent, possessive, sensual, and exhausting love. But her spirit of conquest will not bring her to fruition. You better try to develop a more receptive attitude towards your partner. Something will be happening amid the apparent immobility, but you can only register what it is if you are silent. If you insist on giving each encounter the dizzying pace in which your life passes when you are alone, you will not leave room for what should happen to happen. Better not to focus on the success of the relationship on romance because it will frustrate you.

Social Life
In October you will do a lot of social life and you will have fun, the only thing, that perhaps you have less presence than on other occasions. You will show a low profile and attract people so much. Avoid sarcastic comments and don’t mess with people. You will not be well understood and they will not accept it. The last week your charisma increases.

Work is the most important thing this month. You will be focused on progressing and advancing your projects and your professional career. You will be very successful in your proposals and your words will convince your clients. Take advantage of that potential and you will progress. Mars, Jupiter, and then Venus in Virgo will cause annoying situations and you will need caution; so it is recommended to avoid impulsive and excessive reactions. If you need it, take a day off, as it will allow you to reduce tension. Jupiter amplifies everything, so it will be better to get away from problems to be able to see reality from a different perspective. Pluto in Capricorn stimulates your ambition. You will be extremely creative and achieve good professional results.

Aries will strive to achieve higher performance. It will be wise for Aries and his partner Aries to stay away from all kinds of venturesome ventures. The solidity of Taurus will be the best option to avoid unfortunate stumbles. It will be a partner who will only accept those challenges that stand out for their moderation and that do not endanger the finances of the society. Virgo, too, is one of those who knows how to keep a wait until economic conditions improve. You will never risk more than necessary. With Pisces, they will leave behind the moments of restriction.

The presence of Jupiter in another Fire sign and resuming its direct march will make the Arians achieve significant progress on issues related to foreign companies, and import and export businesses. Towards the last week of the month, the natives of Aries who have partners will face mutual accusations that will lead them to nothing good. For this reason, it will be more appropriate for them to try to strengthen their position, instead of giving excessive support to the activities that link them with their associates.

There will be progress in the labor field, although at every step they will set traps for him and the power struggles will be so many that they will leave him exhausted. Any improvement will depend on the decision to focus on those tasks that are more tedious, for example, keeping strict control of your expenses. If you leave everything to chance, without planning and without worrying about the obvious threats in the environment, you will fall from the pedestal. Starting on the 21st, with Venus in Sagittarius, you will receive the long-awaited recognition and will undertake much-desired changes, gaining the support of those who until now were reluctant to do so.

It will be a very prosperous month. You will earn money easily, but only through your work. It is a good time to save. You will have a sixth sense that will tell you when you are spending money foolishly. You will act very sensibly and will not buy more than is strictly necessary. If you had money to invest, you will have a very good intuition for investing.

The family will be fine and you will not have to worry. They will continue with their routine and normal life and you can focus on your work, to advance your profession. Uranus in Aries could provoke some discussion, probably related to money issues. You can have an open confrontation and it may be productive for you. Remember that the difficulties posed by the stars have a purpose: to make the necessary corrections to your way of life, or to decide to change course. It is time to bet on a repairing dialogue, both as a family, as a couple, or with your friends. Mercury in Libra favors diplomacy and exchange. Ahead!

In October you will have to be aware of your health. It will be very easy for you to fall into dejection and total fatigue, so try to sleep your hours and rest as much as you can. Reading, watching movies and good documentaries would be the best medicine. It would also be a good idea to purify your body with the method that you like best. If you are single and have sporadic relationships, do not forget to use protection.

The dangers of October are twofold: blows -especially to the head- and hypertension. They will also be exposed to accidents. Also, it will be vital that they develop some type of physical activity. Spending energy and unloading accumulated fights will keep the body in perfect condition and, fundamentally, it will improve their mood. Tensioning a lot and repressing strong emotions will be the keynote for October, a terrible prospect for Arians but even worse for their family, partner and friends. Find places to calm down, whether it be a boxing class, a soccer game, or relaxing in a sauna.

October will bring excellent possibilities for Aryans who need to regain their health or change their habits to avoid future ailments. Venus will visit the sign of Virgo and, from there, will awaken their interest in healthy diets, in which fruits and vegetables and foods containing omega 3 occupy a prominent place. Those who must lose weight will achieve it and those who have to regain it will also achieve it. Likewise, beauty treatments, surgical or not, will give the results.

A tolerant attitude will help these children of Mars to avoid misunderstandings. As much as there are pressing problems, Aries will propose to his Gemini friend to take weekend trips that take them away from worries. Leo is passionate about the theater and Aries will become infected with him, linking himself with a world that will fill him with satisfaction. With Capricorn, the frictions will continue to force them to distance themselves. Aquarius will try to convince his friend to join one of the groups in which he participates and whose function is to help those most in need.

Astral Advice of October for Aries

Take the moment to learn how to make decisions together with others. It will be necessary to relax and unwind. Find fun times or to venture into physical activities to relieve tension.

Introspection and make room for others in this Aries friend! Until the 22nd, the Sun in Libra strengthens the place your partner or associate. Great dynamism of Mars in your sign, you will be forced to cooperate! Mercury in Scorpio until the 28th, comes to tickle your inner life, your relationship with the money of others, and mature your ideas. Venus smoothes the working conditions from 4 to 28. Before and after, it’s more fun! Is your socio-professional destiny always driven by the universe, the last two deans, are there sacrifices and reworkings? Your financial sector feels the influences of Uranus in Taurus, for the first time an irreversible change in your source of income is underway. Job change or a new Association? From 23 to 31, the Sun in Scorpio strengthens your libido!

Love panorama: Mars at home and Mercury in your area related to your sensuality, your libido should be powerful! However, your excellent relationship axis will be affected until the 22nd, you will have to take into account the expectations and needs of your potential partners. Venus in Virgo from the 4th to the 28th does not promote the expression of your bubbly temperament! Is not easy.

If you are in a couple: Communication will be important if you want to maintain marital harmony. Under the influence of one of the warriors of your planet Mars, your partner could reveal himself! In the middle of the month from the 4th to the 28th, learn to express your feelings with modesty and tenderness instead of ardor. Surprise your half!

If you are single: The Sun in Libra in front of your sign highlights the partner. However, the planets related to love are in harmony until the 3rd and 28th, and 31st. In addition to these short periods, the sky perhaps announces relationships without a future. Your free will belongs to you! My Horoscope for the Day tip: This month invites you to think before you act, even if your powerful energy makes you want to lift mountains. Practice a relaxing activity, the season favors life at home, a bit of abandonment. Welcome the sweetness in your life.

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