Aries Weekly Horoscope 11th to 17th May 2020

Aries Weekly Horoscope 11th to 17th May 2020

The entry of the Sun in sextile sharpens your intuition, your imagination and brings softness to your family environment. You take advantage of it to get closer to yours and multiply the exchanges with those you love.

The influence of the agile and communicative Mercury continues to do his thing in the professional field. According to the stars, over the next few days, you will find the necessary supports to get out of this, and, as you will be more loose and carefree, there will be no danger of conflicts or clashes it will be easier for you to reach advantageous agreements.

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You are exposed to jealousy or reproach unless you are the one who doubts the feelings you have. Nothing too bad if you honestly examine the situation and decide to wait patiently while waiting for better days. But if you need to empty your bag or if you are asked, do not hesitate to communicate on sensitive matters.

The placement of the stars in your sky will be very beneficial for your romantic situation in the coming days. For young lovers, you will continue to live an idyllic adventure, full of affection. For lovers with more experience, your relationship with your spouse will become stronger and deeper. You may even be pleasantly surprised to see a personal project come to fruition. For singles, the time will be for flirtations and moments of sharing without plans on the comet.

The sky invites you to take a step back: take the opportunity to take stock and reassess your priorities. Now is not the time to implement a campaign plan. You do not lack imagination but you are impatient to prove your capacity and to advance your projects!

In love, you invest more in your relationship and bring a touch of romance and delicacy. At work, your imagination allows you to launch new ideas that find positive feedback.

Money and Luck
At the beginning of the week, you find good plans for fear of being in trouble again, you take care of your finances. Do not panic, on the financial level the week of May 11 is positive, the climate is conducive to improvement, your money is in good hands, you multiply the activities to better add up the profits. You put money aside for a few days of escape.

With Pluto stimulating you, you will want to put a little self-discipline in your spending and your bank accounts. Your goal of the week: to control your budget wisely. You will be rational in your organization. Especially if you are a Taurus ascendant. For you, it is the visual that prevails. Then continue to do an active watch. You will see your strategy work successfully. If you go on vacation, reproduce the same diagram to manage your accounts.

Family and Friends
Escape remains the freest feeling in the world because it dispels the negative. Thanks to its magical character, it brings out from you a force that you never suspected. Now that you are ready to let go, go beyond the limits of your thinking. Yes, starting this week, you have no choice but to take action. For everything to be piloted remotely, you have to carry out this sorting in your friend circle. We tell you that just to avoid it falling on you. So bounce to reach the stars. You owe it to yourself.

You stay on course and arrive safely if you stay in balance and manage your energy. Your reservations allow you, of course, some overflows (of passion and mood) but do not allow you to last long in front of a partner whom you keep under pressure or who is openly opposed to your desires.

In a sporty mood, you savor the joys of running in the morning or the aquagym session on weekends. A saving moment that makes you forget all your daily concerns to breathe. After the effort, comfort! Your body will ask for all kinds of foods, both sweet and savory. Know how to remain moderate even if the temptation is great. Opt for homemade dishes and resist the laziness that takes you to the frozen section of your supermarket!

The stars also indicate that someone could call you to help them, something that will be very motivating for you and can earn you points for the future. In love, however, you have to take things slower. Impatient as you are, you want everything to be resolved now, but that is not possible. Some things take time to fix.

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