Aries Weekly Horoscope 20th to 26th June 2022

Thanks to these energies, your thoughts find a more lively and above all more reactive pace! Your loves will take a turn that will suit you. They push you to invest more than usual in your emotional life. During this period, you have carte blanche to express your ideas, your projects, your thoughts, your feelings while moderating your legendary eagerness.

Boosted by Mercury, you are sure to speak! During this period, these energies inspire you to stand out and bring your ideas to fruition. They increase your independence, your generosity, your alertness. During this favorable period, your love finds the spirit that you love so much and in which you feel good.


You can now start to cheer up, Aries, because the money will continue to come into your pocket and little by little you will balance yourself financially. This will give you more peace of mind and desire to do many things. Before, however, you have to stabilize your accounts because, although you are in a very favorable cycle, you still cannot claim victory.

On the other hand, your love life is currently stable, regardless of the situation you are in, and in this regard, a pleasant week awaits you, especially on Friday and Sunday. Small novelties may arise but none of them seem to be transcendental in your life. If you fight with the boyfriend, it will pass.

If you find a special person, it may not be the love you dreamed of in the long run, but it may be a very positive romance for your personal advancement. These days pay attention to what you eat or you will have to do a pre-holiday diet. This week throw away everything that does not serve you and make room for the new. Unclog! You will gain a lot of energy.

The storms of the past are moving away from your love sky during this week which promises to be a little brighter than those that have passed. However, nothing will be rosy but rather on the way to improvement! So plan for a carnal warming within your duo, mutual desires in phase offering you good moments of intimacy. Continue to dialogue, to listen to your partner, your love requires your investment!

You’ll be handling a lot of detailed information at once this week, Aries, as Mercury moves into your 3rd house. You could be learning new skills, or busy taking calls, preparing presentations, or catching up with people. With the Full Moon in your 9th house, you will be finalizing your travel plans, or you may realize that there are certain topics that you want to learn more about. You may also be completing important courses, or getting a piece of writing published. On the other hand, you may simply feel more connected to your spiritual beliefs.

Imprudence and excess continue to empty your wallet as if it were pierced! Stop waste! Come back to earth, the consumption you practice on a daily basis does not satisfy you since you come back to it every day like a dangerous addiction! What are you looking for in this illusory buying frenzy? What do you compensate with the money you spend so much? A healthy introspection will put you on the way!

Your activities and projects are at the center of your concerns. You are not idle and you could sometimes feel a little jostled by a sky that turns stormy at times. If you remain realistic and if you respect your limits, you will be able to embark those around you in your dreams, with the means to achieve them and while continuing to secure your back.

Your views and methods will be better accepted if you bring out the benefits through experience rather than touting their promises without action. This sky invites you to showcase your talents by multiplying initiatives. You are well seen by your superiors and your collaborators who appreciate your courageous positions and your brilliant ideas.