Aries Weekly Horoscope 26th October to 1st November 2020

Aries Weekly Horoscope 26th October to 1st November 2020

You have been dragging certain jobs that give you a lot of stick for quite some time. You leave it overnight and it is a never-ending story. Don’t let today go by without solving at least one of those issues. Go putting an end to them or this matter will end up taking its toll. For another day, always start with the things that are more complicated or that you are laziest to do. The sooner you get rid of them, the better. If someone owes you money and is swinging to pay it back, tell them but in a good way. Also, consider the possibility that that person is still in trouble and cannot return it to you now. In the sentimental field, you are repressing your feelings towards a person that you like. Do something that makes him notice you.

This week may be the ideal time for you to tap into your imagination and creative abilities. You may not feel overly sociable. And more than likely, you spend time daydreaming and lost in a fantasy world. Don’t let other people’s needs overwhelm you. You will also feel a certain excitement because you are going to meet someone. Your friends may have set you up on a date with someone you barely know. It may simply be a friendship relationship that you would like to deepen. But above all, be open-minded and receptive. If you know how to take advantage of this opportunity without stressing yourself too much, you will take the cat to the water.aries weekly horoscope 26th october to 1st november 2020

Mars, the ruler of Aries, continues in its opposite sign, Libra, bringing more internal balance and less momentum. Having the capacity for greater reflection is something very positive and enriching for you, to avoid always hitting yourself in the same place and repeating situations. Times of change, times more spiritual and profound. Instead of doing so much, there is more need to be, to feel, to deepen who they are. The new moon in Scorpio added to the opening of the pagan portal of All Hallow’s Eve (Halloween), gives them more depth, more intuition, and opening of the third eye to use it as a compass in their lives.

Aries Your Lucky Numbers for this Week

The influences of Saturn in square induce important changes in your relational sphere. There is a need for feedback and emotional support. It is in your social life that you will more easily find balance with real long-term plans, especially if you pursue them tenaciously.

Heaven allows you to obtain, through its diplomatic arrangements, the answers you expect. Its beneficial influence invites you to favor dialogue and your open-mindedness works wonders for relieving tensions and reconciling you with those around you. You manage to understand and better negotiate the bends.

You are confident, your state of mind welcomes events as calmly as possible, you climb quietly on the steps of success, for you the main thing is not to rush things, you move at your own pace while keeping the right pace. This week you are making clear progress, you are not the type to rest on your laurels, by consolidating your achievements, you are moving towards professional success.

Saturn urges you to show moderation in your relationships, in your associations. Saturn is a factor of stability but, in excess, it can lead you to stand still, to irrational fears about change. These fears can then slow down the smooth running of your progress, a balance must be found between prudence and will.

Money and Luck
The smile might never leave your face! This last week of October you will experience a joie de vivre directly inspired by your bank account that has become a credit again! Finally butter for the spinach, the great news isn’t it? ! Savor this better financial situation without getting too drunk, efforts should be continued, moderation without concession. Now agree to do your accounts regularly, so you can avoid the stress of an empty wallet!

You are spending considerable energy to achieve your ends. It is not loved that drives you, but ambition and the desire to achieve your ideal sooner or later! If your morale suffers, you will strengthen it by multiplying professional initiatives and nourishing your visions for an exciting future.

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