Aries Weekly Horoscope 8th to 14th March 2021

You need emotional security more than movement. Your desire to love and to feel protected is clearly accentuated. You care more than ever for your partner and you expect them to do the same. The family is at the heart of your priorities. Be careful, however, not to become overly possessive and suffocating. The moon makes you a little exclusive, less sociable, and less generous.

You are a very creative person so use those qualities to change your life. At work, there are some things that you do not like, but you do not do anything to change or improve them either, so get the batteries or you will be in for a not pleasant surprise. In love, things are not going very well to say, but next weekend there will be an opportunity with that person that you like so much, take advantage of it because perhaps it is the last time you have to conquer her or let her know that you like her.aries weekly horoscope 8th to 14th march 2021

Aries This Week Horoscope 8th to 14th March 2021

You don’t meet anyone and you find yourself a bit lonely. Go to your usual circles, show yourself because it is undoubtedly through your friends that you will be able to distract yourself and find the hearts to take. Do not expect too much of this week which distills a stingy climate and is more concerned with your duties than your pleasures.

If you persist in challenging leaders, you risk wasting your time and energy with poor results in the end. Flexibility and efficiency will serve your cause more advantageously than pride and stubbornness. If you keep going by ignoring the warning signs, you could quickly find yourself out of breath.

You let your feelings express themselves, whatever the consequences, you lack tact and tolerance. As a couple, you risk having tiny but exhausting conflicts. You have to regain control of your emotions and learn to put things into perspective. It is because you are egocentric that you take everything for an affront, even what does not concern you …

Money and Luck
By ensuring that your accounts are in order, you take the initiative if any difficulties arise. An unpaid credit, a debt, you prefer to anticipate rather than having to undergo a situation that you have not chosen. This week of March 8 presents an opportunity to grow your money. If the amount you invest is not colossal, soon it will bring you some money.

Take a close look at the most reasonable options for balancing your budget or replenishing your account. If you throw yourself headlong into battle and neglect to take a step back to assess all the parameters that need to be incorporated to make a sensible decision, you will put stress on your body and mind that will be hard to bear in the long run.

Aries Your Lucky Numbers for this Week

Aries (born between March 21 to April 20): Monday the 8th is a day in which fortune will accompany you in everything you undertake and also your optimism will be through the roof. The family atmosphere will be excellent. On Tuesday 9th, you will have to base yourself on your joviality, vitality, and enthusiasm to be able to use your most creative side; since sometimes you don’t trust him and that’s why you lose all your inspirations.

On Wednesday the 10th, you must rely on your brightness and your goodness to stand out. And if you also focus on feeling happy, you will achieve it, because happiness, today, is assured. On Thursday 11th, you have to weigh a lot what you say to your partner or close friends, so as not to hurt their feelings. You will have to rely on your ability to reason agilely.

On Friday the 12th you will have a very magical day if you follow your intuition. You will also have a very adorable and jovial day since you have a good planetary alignment. Enjoy everything that life gives you. On Saturday the 13th, agree between what you feel and what you think since many times it is different.

Your courage will be the one that indicates the intuition that you must follow. And Sunday the 14th is a special day to communicate your projects, but without doubts and with the conviction of a unified mind and thought.

The moon shines to warn you that you have fifteen days in which you will receive the harvests and conclusions of the efforts that you have put in in the last six months to be more efficient in the office, grow your work project, build healthier habits and generate a more productive environment from your day today.

Under this Moon you close psychosomatic processes, you end work relationships that do not go hand in hand with the way you want to get ahead in life, and you reap all the good work you have been doing to have a healthier relationship with your body.

I remind you that Mercury is already direct and that this week, you must make key decisions regarding your work team, your social environment, your group of friends, and all those social connections that help you achieve personal and professional goals.

If you need to communicate something or sign a new agreement with these groups of people, this is the week to act. March is a month in which you can have the good fortune to grow economically, so take advantage and look for alliances that allow you to reach key agreements or negotiations for your professional career.

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