Aries Weekly Horoscope February 6-12, 2017

Work, Love and Health Weekly Aries Horoscope 6th February to 12th February 2017

zodiac aries in 2017

Work: Good time to start a new activity or study, choose a hobby or some creative practice. Everything started during the week will have a good end and excellent quality. Have faith in your works, recognize the fullness of Creation in them. A statement to put into practice today: I am a creator of better realities, a searcher for profitable goals, a generator of possibilities that become concrete. Good self-esteem during the week will bring you huge profits in the short and in the long run. Generate thinking about your future always. With Aries murmuring, with Taurus great flirting, with Gemini economic assertion, with Cancer claims and irritation, with Leo money problems, be careful.

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Love: How magically you will feel a transformation in your family relationship. Love will flow naturally and your partner can better perceive your true inner self and accompany you better than ever. If you hold sentimental hopes is a very good week to put into practice all their seduction and ability to conquer. For couples integrated by older people, it is also a sensual and intimate moment of intimacy. He will be generous with his love, and greatly remunerated for it, since his happiness is based on material and economic security. Alone and alone: ​​living in the past does not let him see that close to him is a person who has long tried to enter into a love relationship.

Health: Self-management this week is to move forward with optimism towards a fuller life, do not neglect and meditate on your health and what you do to preserve it. Mature and revive this healing phrase within: “I am the word of the Cosmos, Nature, Creation … that is externalized in the life of my world, with reason and power to conquer and make my dreams come true.” Health is with you if you believe in yourself and generate health. The abandonment and living off of oneself is the main cause of their evils. Use your intuition to find yourself.