Autism and vaccines, research shows that there is no relationship

Research shows that there is no relationship between Autism and vaccines

A study in the United States seems to contradict the presumed link between mother’s flu infection during pregnancy and an increased risk of autism.

child having autism

The researchers found no causal link between a flu vaccination in pregnant women and an increase in autism cases. However, they suggest conducting an investigation focused on the first three months of gestation to confirm the safety of the vaccine.

The study was conducted in nearly 197,000 children born in California between 2000 and 2010. In this group, 1,400 pregnant women (0.7%) were diagnosed with influenza and 45,231 (23%) were vaccinated against infection during pregnancy. Of the 196,929 children born, 3,101, ie 1.6% were diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), which does not indicate an increased risk related to a mother’s flu infection during pregnancy.

“Although we do not recommend any changes in the vaccination policy against influenza in pregnant women, we believe that further studies are needed as a precaution to further clarify any potential link between the vaccine against this infection during the first months of pregnancy and autism,” Said the researchers, whose work was published in the American medical journal JAMA Pediatrics.

The authors, including Dr. Ousseny Zerbo of the Kaiser Permanente Medical Group, explained that previous data “suggested an increased risk of autism among children whose mothers had been vaccinated against influenza during their pregnancy.” But they clarified that this relationship was “statistically insignificant” after the correction of different factors and was probably due to chance.

The frequency of autism in the United States is, in fact, one in 68 children, 1.46% of total births, according to the latest estimates by health authorities.

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