Beauty tips for lazy girls, use least products to be beautiful

Amazing Beauty tips for lazy girls

Hey, not everyone likes to get up an hour earlier to do hair and makeup for the day. Sleep is sacred and that is quite understandable. This article is especially for the girls who are happy in their bed as long as possible and prepare themselves in a short time.

lazy girl makeup

The following beauty tips are in fact well adapted to the routine of someone who is lazy when it comes to beauty. Read with me!

Why do you want fifty different products if you can make it with five items? Exactly. That is the language that “lazy girls’ talk. And there’s nothing wrong with that, because with a minimal amount of make-up and care you get the most out of your look! The following things may well come in handy.

micellar water

Clean your face with a cleanser and water can be much faster. Instead, use micellar water in order to accelerate the process. Apply a few drops on a cotton pad, pull it over your face back and ready! Micellar water just take a look at the drug store at the shelf of L’Oreal and Garnier.

striking lip color

Okay, do not judge right away. It is true that a striking lip color 1. difficult to make neat and 2. requires attention throughout the day. But in this case we hints at a striking lip color lip balm in shape. Just enough to let everyone believe you did this morning with ease. Girlscene’s favorites include Clinique Chubby Stick, Bourjois ColorBoost balms and Maybelline Baby Lips (in the color Cherry Me!). If you have one of these products contributes you do not have to worry that it ends up all over your face and furthermore remains well sit a few hours on your lips.

Blush lip-duo

Speaking of lip colors … Choose a blush lip duo. Multitaskers are the best friends of girls who do not want to spend much time and money on their appearance. A cream blush to both your lips and cheeks therefore works not only saves time but also money saving. And we love.


Bronzer is also an example of a product that you can use in several places and ways. Give your face to shaping by more shape, make your cheeks hotter by applying a layer of bronzer or put your crease with bronzer instead of eye shadow.

tinted Day Cream

Another good: tinted moisturizer. A product that you do not have to think as you make it. You kill two birds with one stone because you moisturizes the skin and evens. Plus you get any crazy lines on your face and it is easy to apply with your hands.

Glowing concealer

Foundation can you be stolen, but you do suffer from dark circles or dull skin? Then a luminous concealer for you. For example, try L’Oreal Lumi Magique if you want to make a radiant skin without super opaque makeup.

colored eyebrow pencil

Eyebrows are an important part of your face, but it takes a lot of time for them to fill in nicely every day and update. Therefore colored eyebrow pencil a good replacement of the eyebrow pencil. You give your eyebrows color and at the same time ensures that they stay in shape all day.

eyelash curler

By five seconds to curl your lashes can make a world of difference. Your lashes curl better and moreover they remain curled longer during the day if you then apply a mascara. If your eyes jump, you do nothing more to do with your face out!

Texturising spray

Fine, limp and flat hair give you more pit by texturising spray in your hair spray. Spray the lengths of the hair to give it more texture and a cluttered feel. Then spray a little at the roots before you go through the hair with your hands.


Which is bad hair day no remedy? Then there is only one solution: fix it in a bun.


Another hair product? Yes! Mousse is the product for girls who want her just three days remaining in each model. Apply a generous amount to wet hair, let it dry and then style it like you always do. Be sure that the next morning wakes up with a hairstyle that still is in great model.

What is your beauty tip?

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