Why is it believed that touching wood gives good luck?

Touching wood gives good luck

Surely you have done it almost unconsciously and you did not ask yourself what the reasons were. It can be before a job interview, an academic test, or the beginning of the party of the club of your loves; The truth is that touching wood is an action validated by almost everyone.

However, where does this traditional action come from? What are the historical foundations?luck and wood touching

Although it is an obvious superstition, there are some who try to go deeper to reach a logical answer.

According to the “Touch Wood for Luck” blog, there are several theories to identify the reasons why people decide to use wood as a quick and simple ritual and thus invoke or attract good luck so that our wishes are fulfilled.

In many countries it is considered that for the success of this gesture it is necessary to touch the wood and, in addition, to give a couple of taps. Why? The first of them serves to convey what we want, the second to communicate our gratitude.

This explanation would have its roots in the beliefs of some cultures based on spirits, fairies and other mystical creatures that would live in the trees.

Meanwhile, in other places it is assured that the blows serve to awaken and liberate the benevolent fairies that are enclosed within the trees.

This cult is similar to that of some groups of American Indians who claimed for several centuries that the oaks were the home of the gods.

Precisely, the trunks inspired confidence because in them they saw nobility, protection and an effective way to ward off the dangers of their lives.

A final theory has a Christian origin. It is said that touching a piece of wood was originally like touching the cross of Jesus Christ, and in this way a way of invoking for protection.