Bentley Continental GT and GTC 2015 lightweight comfortable and luxurious car

The Bentley Continental GT is not a sports car if what is understood as such is an agile, lightweight car in which comfort is in the background. It is a coupe (or convertible, in the case of Continental GTC) very comfortable and luxurious, with very good benefits.

bentley continental 2015 gt

Since its launch in 2011, Bentley has made several changes in the range. The last one was in January of 2017, date in which it has presented the version Supersports. It has a W12 engine with 710 horsepower and, like the rest of the range, will be available in both coupe and convertible. It will replace Bentley Continental Supersports 2009 (more information), a similar approach model that went on sale in Europe between July 2010 and April 2012.

More Engine power cylinders Bentley Continental GT

For more engine power of twelve cylinders, Bentley has installed new turbochargers, improved intercooler, exhaust system and has strengthened bearings, connecting rods and crankshaft. It has also made changes to the chassis: the suspension leaves the body closer to the ground, the alloy wheels are forged, lighter and 21 inches in diameter, and the brake discs are larger and carboceramic material. In total, Bentley says it has reduced 20 kg masses suspended compared to the previous Supersports.

For this version offers an optional exhaust of titanium that reduces 5 kg of additional weight. The all-wheel-drive system and stability control also receive a specific adjustment to increase its performance in sporty driving. With regard to the rest of the Continental GT range, the front and rear bumpers, the side skirts, the hood – has a new air intake – the body moldings and the tone of the headlamps and pilots, which are darker . Optionally, a rear spoiler can be added to the coupe, distinctive Supersports emblems and a carbon fiber cover for the engine.

In addition to the aforementioned Supersports version engine, the Continental GT can be ordered with a 4.0-liter V8 or a 6.0-liter W12, both supercharged by turbocharger, with different power levels: GT V8 (507 hp), GT V8 S (529 hp), GT W12 (590 hp) and GT Speed (642 hp). The engine of the GT W12 has a new function of disconnecting cylinders – already existing in the versions of eight cylinders – to reduce the consumption. Its average approved consumption has gone from 14.5 to 14.1 l / 100 km.

In the V8 and W12 versions, the bumpers incorporate the metal moldings of the GT Speed, and in the V8 S and GT Speed there is a new aerodynamic rear diffuser. The entire range is fitted with new 20- and 21-inch wheels, and three new body colors are available: Jetstream, metallised blue “Marlin” and “Camel”.

We have driven the GT V8 versions of 507 hp and GT Speed of 635 hp (since April 2016 this latest version gives 642 hp). Between them there is a clear difference in the set-up: the less powerful is softer, not only in its rolling, but also in its handling: steering wheel and brake pedal are operated with little effort. In the GT Speed, which remains a very comfortable car, the steering is less assisted (although it is still not necessary to make a big effort with the arms to move the steering wheel) and the brake pedal has a firmer feel. Suspension bushes look more rigid and transmit the road irregularities with greater intensity to the driver. The test that we publish of the Continental GT Speed 2011 is still valid since the reactions of the car have not changed. The way the Continental GT accelerates, even with the least powerful engine, is not the usual in a sports car: the Bentley model gains speed of form, progressive, homogenous, without jerks.

Purchase and price of Bentley Continental GT

In order to purchase a Continental Bentley, a minimum of € 219 391 must be paid. Amount that can vary substantially given the wide range of options available to customize it (Bentley configurator). For example, a customer may request that the pieces of wood of the passenger compartment be made with the wood he wishes (the one of a tree of his property).

The changes made by Bentley in early 2015 affected the body, the interior and the range of engines. For example, the front and rear bumpers, the calender (which is smaller), the tailgate and the flaps, now incorporate air vents with a Bentley B shaped metal trim ( image). In April 2016, Bentley raised the maximum power of the Continental GT Speed 7 hp, which goes from having 635 to 642 hp. In addition, for this exclusive version, a new line of equipment is available called “Black Edition”, which is characterized by decorative elements in the exterior and the interior that differentiate it from the other versions of the range.

Inside the seat upholstery changes, with new designs according to versions, new colors -17 in total- and new types of skins and fabrics. The steering wheel and shift cams – which now have a metallic finish – have also been redesigned. The center console is black and changes the design of the metallic trim of the dashboard and instrument panel. The interior lighting is by ledes. For the V8 and V8 S models there is a new compartment between the rear seats with a built-in mobile device charger. Bentley has added Wifi connection through the multimedia system for the entire Continental range.

From the passenger compartment and the trunk there is also detailed information on the test of the Continental GT 2011 (interior impressions). The interior of the Continental GT and the GTC is made by hand.

The front of the Continental GTC can be of different colors on its outer side; The inner face, which you see when you are sitting in the car, is made of high quality materials (it is the best I have seen in this respect) and very nice if you touch. The hood is electrically operated by means of a control located on the console. It can be operated with the car in motion, as long as the speed of the car does not exceed 30 km/h. The canopy, when folded, is collected in a space for this purpose, separated from the passenger compartment and trunk.

With the top put it is a silent model but I do not seem to stand out against other convertibles that cost much less. At least in the unit I have driven you can clearly hear the noise of other cars passing them. As a convertible is perhaps one of the best for how well it is protected from the wind, especially with the rear windscreen placed. This element, which disables the rear seats for use by people, eliminates the air flow that occurs in the opposite direction of the road and that feels clearly (if not placed) in the arm that remains on the console. To make it more pleasant to use as a convertible, the GTC can have heating and ventilation in the seats, a heated steering wheel rim and a system that expels warm air from the back to the nape of the neck.

In our car insurance comparison, we have calculated the cost of an all-risk policy without excess for a Bentley GT of 507 horses. The insured is a 61-year-old man, married, who lives in Madrid, keeps the car in an individual garage and takes 7 years without giving a share to his current car insurance. This person will travel with the Bentley about 15 000 kilometers a year.

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