The best exercises for the hip muscles glutes

The best exercises for the glutes

Do you want to have a defined and toned glutes? Then you will have to start working the muscles of this part of the body to reduce the accumulation of fat, improve the appearance of the skin and get better your butt. It is important that you begin to bet on a healthy, low-fat lifestyle and that you perform physical exercise to activate fat burning and thus lose weight.

hip muscles workout

But, in addition to weight loss exercises, if you want to have a heart attack, it will be essential that you begin to work the muscles of the area, for this reason, here we will discover the best exercises for the buttocks that will help you lift and strengthen this Area of ​​the body.

Elevation of the leg for perfect glutes

We begin with one of the best gluteal exercises that will help strengthen the muscles in this area and, therefore, reduce the presence of accumulated fat by increasing muscle mass. To do this, you will have to place yourself in a doggy position, resting your hands on the mat or mat; Keep the spine straight and neck relaxed so as not to tighten the cervical.

In this position, you must raise one of the legs and push the foot backwards, following the natural line of the body. Then return to the starting position and start again with another movement until you perform 20 repetitions, rest and start again with the same leg until completing 3 sets of 20 repetitions. Then change your leg to work the other side of the bottom.

Stronger buttocks with this lateral lifting exercise

Now we will perform a movement similar to the previous one but, instead of throwing the leg back, we will lift it sideways without unfolding the knee. That is, you must start from the puppy position and raise the side leg until you get to create a 90 degree angle with your body; Then return to the starting position and raise the leg again until you perform 20 repetitions.

As in the previous exercise, we will have to perform 3 sets of 20 with each leg so that muscles work and exercise is noticed in our body.

If you want to have a flat belly we recommend that you practice hip-tight abs.

Elevation of the hip

We continue with another of the best exercises for glutes. Now we will make one that is very simple to perform and that will help us to tone the muscles of the buttock but also the pelvic area and the abdomen. For this you will have to lie flat on a mat and flex your legs slightly.

In this position you should slowly lift your hips up without exerting force with your arms, only using the area of ​​the pelvis. When you reach the maximum height, descend slowly and you will notice how the whole area is working to the maximum. You must do 3 sets of 15 repetitions to get results.

Squats, perfect for strengthening buttocks

Within all exercises for buttocks, squats is perhaps one of the most popular and known among all. It is an exercise the sea is simple to perform and yet it is very effective and does a lot of work on the entire lower body, ie glutes, thighs, calves and twins.

To do this exercise you will have to stand with your legs slightly apart and slowly lower your body down, as if you wanted to touch the ground with your butt. Keep your back straight at all times so as not to damage you and, when you get down, slowly rise again, recovering the initial position. Repeat 3 sessions of 15 and you will get a heart attack.

Heel Raising, A Perfect Exercise

We continue with the best exercises for the buttocks talking about this is also the easiest thing to do. Although at first sight it seems a “nonsense” the truth is that it is the sea of ​​cash and will allow you to tone both the glutes and the twins. To do this exercise you will simply have to stand with your legs slightly apart, slightly bend your knees and then stand on tiptoe.

The ascent of the foot should be slow and slow, just like the descent, because in this way you will get the maximum toning. For the exercise to be complete, it is best to do 20 repetitions, rest 30 seconds, and return one more series to complete with 3 sets.

Move up and down a step or a chair

If you have a step at home you’re in luck! As it is a perfect sporting material to make our legs and buttocks work at the highest level. In addition, it is easy to do at home and allows you a variety of movements and great exercises to activate your cardiovascular system. However, if you do not have a step, you can do the same thing by helping yourself with a chair (the lower the better!) Or a curb or step you have at home.

This exercise is very simple because it is based solely on making the movement of climbing a ladder, an exercise that puts to work the entire lower musculature and also tones the muscles of the buttocks.

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