Best free and cheap international calls in all over the world

The best applications to call free on Android

For some years now, many of us have practically not called through the mobile in the conventional way, and this has to do with the fact that smartphones already have in almost all cases, with a huge number of applications to call for free or very low cost. In any case, it is obvious that everyone wants to save money as much as possible, and if that means also accessing an app with other useful content, then it is better to get to know them.

In this article in particular we are going to show you some of the ones that we consider the best applications of calls and video calls of the present time, developed so that you can maintain fluent communications with all your companions and friends, besides family, spending the minimum, and with a huge amount of options or functions, which of course will vary considering what app we talk, although as we say, in truth they are all really good.

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The best free calling apps

Line: Although we know that WhatsApp is one of the applications that most recently has added a system of free calls incorporated, we did not want to mention it on this occasion because it is the most famous app of all, it is convenient to go knowing other alternatives. Alternatives such as Line, for many one of the best messages today, and one that stands out especially for a very attractive interface, with all kinds of content, emojis and emoticons for our conversations. If you are a user who likes to customize your talks, then you should give it a try.
Skype: Of course, it is impossible to do any such list without forgetting everything that happens with Skype, probably the best app on the market right now when making calls and video calls for free with users from all over the world. Although it may not be the most complete, it is the one with the greatest number of users, and the one with the best possibilities of communication offers us, so if you are about to make an important communication, for example one of work, do not hesitate to choose it for cheap international phone calls.
Viber: another of the great representatives in matters of video calls, but always pointing out that Skype is the most important of all. We have to point out in this regard that it is one of the best quality audio and image possesses, even occasionally ahead of Skype itself. Beyond that, we would like to mention that it is perfect for sharing photos or writing text messages if we want to add content to the calls, so do not lose sight of it.
Tango: If Tango is one of the main sounds and musical genres of Latin America, in this case we also find a very interesting application at the moment when we want to communicate with our acquaintances paying as little as possible. Some of the strengths of this app, more rival of Skype that of the traditional messengers, have to do with that allows to realize translations in real time, in addition to placing filters also in real time. Perhaps the only thing we can point out as an element against is that it does not allow blocking the most annoying users.
FB Messenger: yes, of course we are talking about the now independent application that was once part of Facebook as the most famous social network chat. Long ago Messenger works by itself, and of course, calls and video calls are some of its contents. In fact, it is a much more stable app than WhatsApp at the moment of holding such conversations, and if we add that it has all the elements and functions of messenger, and that we can chat with anyone who has account in The social network, then it is one of the great alternatives of the segment.

Which of these free calling applications is your favorite? Do you use any that is not in the list?

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