Best ways to monetize a website or blog in 2017

Making money with a blog is perfectly possible. Not only is it possible as such, but it is increasingly a reality to which more and more webmasters are adding up to the point of getting to earning from blogging.

Today we talk about blogs and monetization. Of the truth, that at the end of 2016 and beginning of 2017 works and will continue to work more and better than ever. This is the topic I want to talk about today at techasli.

That which all mortals seek ceaselessly and that however much we find we always think that with something else we could be better.

money make blog 2017 tip

There are people who earn a lot of money with one or several blogs, we have very powerful examples in the blogosphere that show their public revenues as ustaad has reached 40,000 dollars in 1 month thanks to his blog.
There are webmasters and bloggers with much less visibility and who have obtained really good numbers that gives them to live (and well) using as only tool: the blog.

I know colleagues in the online marketing sector who have come to bill numbers close to 30,000 and 40,000 dollars only with the launch of a course and also know of webmasters that with a single Adsense blog have been charging 5,000 and 6,000 dollars per month.

I cannot say names, because I have not been authorized at any time by these third parties involved. But if I would ever talk

The purpose of this post is as follows:

  • Start making money with your blog if you have not started yet
  • You earn even more money with your blog in case you already generate income

And for this I will select very carefully the platforms or resources that I know best and that I really know that they work to make money as a blogger.

No top 10 ways to make money with a blog, or several shit combine that put you all in one bag and with dubious or untested ways of monetizing. Let’s talk about the ones that will really bring you profitability if you work on them and if possible showing numbers and getting wet, that’s how I like to do the contents.

Important Guide to Make Money with a Blog in 2016 – 2017

Let’s see the ways that work best and in the future I will use examples to tell people I know that makes money in this way or mine own data in other of them.

1- Sell your own blog

Without a doubt one of the fastest and most radical ways to make money with your blog!

Already aside from jokes, this point is one of the most lucrative for a large number of webmasters who are dedicated to the sale of blogs (especially of niche pages) since the business is to get a web, monetize it and Sell it x10 or x20 taking into account the initial monetization values achieved.

That is, if you have a blog that generates on average about 30 dollars per month, you can roughly calculate that you can sell it in amounts that run around 250 and 580 dollars.

Now imagine selling 2 or 3 of those a month there is where the business of some webmasters who are engaged in this.

This particular topic is something I want to try for a long time, mostly because it gives me great curiosity to observe the results of such an experiment.

2- Google AdSense and the Bloggers

Google AdSense is something that neither happens nor goes out of fashion to make money online. Many times I have read in the mouth of many people that it is not an effective system to monetize a blog or that it is losing effectiveness.

The only thing that I think when I hear this is that these people do not know how to generate large amounts of web traffic, and it is legal (I do not know anything about email marketing, do you teach me?) But it is not true that it is inefficient and not because of that I can say that email marketing is not profitable.

It is simply a type of advertising that you have to know to understand. Adsense has a very particular nature: you need to get large amounts of traffic to be able to live from Adsense with your blog and this is what makes it quite anti-popular among a large number of bloggers (because getting large amounts of traffic is not easy work, Is the holy grail of SEO).

The best way to work Adsense (from my point of view) is with big and small niche highly segmented in keywords with little competition, few searches but high CPC (and not with personal blogs, as often is often misunderstood) .

Another way to earn money through niche adsense focused nicely in forums is to: launch small niche very specialized in keywords with good CPC that soon start to generate some income (say 20 dollars a month).

Who said that there was no money in that Google Adsense? It is simply a business model that does not fit all profiles. But if you’re a webmaster, you probably know what I’m saying is real.

3- Promoting online courses has advantages

If your blog has an audience, you can ask for a review of access to the course for life. I usually do it and it works for me quite well. They do not lose anything more than 1 user “free”, but in return I bring them as many “payment” so I actually win the course and I win as a blogger too.

In addition to accessing the course itself without cost, with the advantages that this can entail, you can usually also use your own affiliate links and more people goals, the more money you will generate with that review. It is a double win and this type of post usually works well, people love to train in this sector.

Now I tell you the “not so good” things that I have met:

The human being procrastinates by nature and more when we are talking about very busy human beings, as can be the case of people who give online training and goes to ten thousand projects / per hour. I will do it tomorrow is very common when it comes to paying the affiliate and more when the payment is done manually. Prolonged delays are very common.

Some courses, such as security measures, have a system through which you as a blogger do not charge until your affiliate has not paid 2 months of course. This would not equal because sometimes with a post you can bring X number of users, and then after the first month they leave half or more, leaving your commission reduced considerably. I have come to take 20 new students to a course with one of my posts and from there alone I have repeated 1 or 2. Therefore my commission has gone from 200 $ to 10 or 20 $.

All this I tell you, reader, so that you know the reality that you will find out there, but these have “cons” make me not recommend you to promote training courses? Not at all. I have made good money with this type of content and in the end I have been happy with all the platforms that I have promoted.

4- Sale of hosting by affiliation

Within the world of affiliation for bloggers one of the historical resources that by far more money move is the sale of hosting.

Think about it, it’s how to sell sneakers to a footballer, they all need one and we, online workers we can not even have a blog without a web host from behind to back us up.

A little more than 24 hours ago I requested that I enter the money that was collected and today I already have almost 20 dollars available again (if I request them) to withdraw again.

They are 100% passive income, which would also be much higher (maybe x5 – x10) if I had promoted companies like Hostgator but I promoted mine because honestly I am more than convinced that they are the best hosting that currently exists in US and is A sincerity that many of my readers have valued when it comes to hiring your hosting through my link.

We all need hosting. If you are a blogger, one of your mandatory content has to be a piece of post that mixes “review” and “storytelling” ingredients to get hooked and convince your reader and bring many people through your affiliate links.

Even today it is perfectly possible to do it (every day new bloggers and new curious are added to this online).

When writing a mega post talking about your hosting the 3 gold ingredients that key content should have are:

Review + Storytelling format
Positive testimonials from people who are already inside this hosting (comments can serve)
Any special discount or promotion for your readers with this hosting.

5- Affiliate SEO Tools

Affiliation SEO tools (and online tools in general) is the content that work best affiliation in the sector in which bloggers and webmasters we habitually move.

But you do not need to be expert to earn a good bonus through the sale of tools with your blog.

Below I show you some of the much more modest numbers that I have achieved with some of the SEO tools that I promote and then I will tell you how to make this type of content work and monetise much better and therefore more money .

So far the truth is that I have promoted few Seo tools.

With one the good thing is that I have a passive recurrence that never fails me and that is usually between 54 and 93 dollars a month.

I have to say that my post had to have too many conversion mistakes because of all the organic traffic that it received it did not convert practically anything.

I’m thinking of going back to that keyword and re-upload it to Top 1 or at least to Top 3 or first page, but we’ll talk about that later.

Second tool is a tool that I have long ago have to speak and promote in a more active way with content only focused on it and also ranked high on Google, but to date, with a promotion that we could say “indirect” I have generated about 67 dollars.

6- Sale of elite services and mentoring

Services have two fundamental characteristics, one good and one bad:

They give enough quick liquidity / in the short term.
They are not scalable and take away a time where you will not be building any assets.

However, if you want to earn money with your blog, especially if you want to start earning it as soon as possible (for example, because you just started with one or you are considering opening a new one) is the fastest way to win money.

Within the services that can be imparted through a blog logically we can find a whole universe of possibilities, but at this moment what interests me that you understand is that can be grouped into two larger groups more general:

  • Low cost services
  • Elite services with hyper-targeted clientele

The former are sold better. The seconds give more money. A good idea if you start new with your blog at this point, is to start with more accessible or “inbound” services and then as your reputation increases and the size of your blog can go up the price with more specialized products and That the client can perceive as “of greater value”.

One of the services that are more expensive to collect and that we are all able to impart within our specialty is the service of “consulting” or “mentoring”.

This elite service basically consists of that you know a lot about a subject and there are people following you who want to acquire that knowledge too.

But your time is limited, and you can not become a tutor with everyone unless you work with yourself in a 1 to 1 mentoring session. People often perceive it as a valuable service and as more interest generates more Customers can get this way too (and customers in some cases quite expensive). Sure reader that there is something that you know a lot and what you talk in your blog, blogging, law, social networks, animals, fashion or even pies!

I am planning to launch my own mentoring service soon.

7- Sell a sponsored post on your blog

I wanted to give a point to part because as the blog grows little by little it is more than likely that you will get external requests from people who want to publish content Sponsored in your blog.

Should we reject or accept them?

Well like everything in this life: it depends.

A personal blog is not the same as a niche blog. In the first you play your credibility and in the second, the organic traffic that you get attracted from Google usually will not give you what you talk or stop talking so long as they find an answer to the question of your search.

At the beginning of my pet blog we wrote a post sponsored for the people of Royal Canin and told the experience and what they paid us in this post.

8- Sale of products in ebook format

This is another of the most common ways bloggers generate income and is a form of timeless monetization, that is, it never ends up out of fashion.

This is a route that I am exploring in 2017 and that is giving me great results little by little.

Here the money is gained to greater quantities sold:

  • The more community you can generate = the more you sell
  • To more community have the blogger with which you are going to ally to launch the ebook = more you sell

In case you want to write the ebook yourself and do not have a large community behind, you can contact bloggers to act as an affiliate of your ebook, the more and better affiliates you get = the more you sell.

9- WP themes Profitable Affiliate Types for Bloggers

Not only the blogger lives. I will summarize briefly my experience with other types of affiliation that I use and have given me money and that you can also use from now for your blog.
Affiliation of themes for blogs

It is another of the forms of affiliation that work best and that will continue to work in the blogger landscape.

Just as we all need a hosting we also need a WordPress template for our blog. Currently there are very interesting affiliate programs among which would highlight those of “Genesis Framework” and “CPO Themes”.

My experience earning money with templates for WordPress has been quite positive because once again it has been totally passive money and without a doubt that is the one that tastes best of all. Genesis in his day I only dedicated 1 simple post and then I did not try much more to make him promo.

In return it generates passive money, some months if and others not, but usually it is money ranging from 30 dollars to 150 dollars or even more in specific cases.

Of course! Around here I have also made some interesting money on more than one occasion although this type of affiliation has its pros but also its cons, and as I do not cut anything we are going to talk about both of the others.

I am Mary Emma born in 1996 and have been working as a full-time blogger since 2010. The socio-familial context led me to the area of Sciences and universe attending the Astrology course. But her philosophical inclination inclined her to the territory of Astrology, Psychology.