BMW will face the Tesla Model 3 with a future i5 with level 3

BMW will face the Tesla Model 3 with a future i5 with level 3 of autonomous driving

Only a few days ago Hector Ares told us the future plans of BMW, but one could have escaped. Within the plans of the German brand is positioning itself as the European benchmark in terms of sustainable mobility and, therefore, want to face the global offensive of Tesla.

bmw i5

At the moment they already have the i3 and the i8, two vehicles that seem taken out of 20 years. To these could be added in 2021 a new member of the family fully electric i: the BMW i5. As the name suggests, it will be positioned between the two existing models and will be the Tesla Model 3’s worst nightmare.

BMW wants to be the Tesla of Europe

On the outside, according to Auto Express, part of the design language (such as headlights) is taken from the Vision Next 100 Concept with which the brand celebrated its 100th anniversary. The dimensions of the i5 would be placed below a Series 5 and above a Series 3, with four doors and coupé line.

Ian Robertson (head of sales and marketing), would have ensured that the final design of the model would be ready and by size would be placed closer to a large sedan like the Series 5 and that would also release the next generation of batteries, with more capacity and Smaller size.

In the interior they would turn again with the latest in design and technology. The space would be used intelligently using the more compact and thin batteries that would leave much more space, especially in the rear seats. Precisely great care will be taken in the habitability since theoretically the i5 will debut a level 3 of autonomous driving with possibility to reach levels 4 and 5.

To achieve these ambitious goals BMW is working in collaboration with other car brands such as Daimler and Volkswagen in the development of maps with Here, in addition to other technologies such as Intel and Mobileye.

“We are convinced that together with Here we will be able to put ourselves at the forefront of autonomous driving,” said Robertson, while at the same time emphasizing the need for products to be developed consistently before being made available to customers: ” System is good most of the time, it has to be the best all the time. ”

Focusing on this goal, BMW will put on the road Series 7 autonomous the second half of 2017. The technology used in this fleet of tests will be used for the development of future public autonomous driving systems and will be the basis of hardware and software Of i5.

At the moment and until theoretically it arrives the i5 in 2021, BMW is shining in the new technologies of clean mobility with more than 100,000 units sold, and the plans of the brand go through to sell another so many throughout the year 2017 with the aid Of the new Series 5 plug-in hybrid.

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