Breathe quietly, this is a smoking free tip trick

According to Researcher, the cigarette has no control, is a harmful product and full of chemicals. He regrets that his lungs are like this now.

He answered some questions on this subject to bring us closer to his reality and the way he perceives this harmful habit that can endanger the life of whoever has it.

stop and quit smoking

QUESTION:- Do you remember when you started smoking and why?

ANSWER:- I remember that I started smoking at fifteen (long break). Because at that time smoking was like a novelty. I studied in Manizales then one went in the morning to have lunch and went back to study in the afternoon, it arrived at about 1:30 p.m., while entering one smoked a cigarette. It was normal, as a boy thing, so I started, first was a cigarette, then there were two, then three …
QUESTION:- Do you remember the first cigarette?

ANSWER:- It was in December, in the house of an aunt who was very much a bitch, she taught us to smoke all the nephews and I remember that I hit a dizzy spell (laughs). I was around 10 or 11 years.
QUESTION:- At what point did you start to feel the addiction to smoking?

ANSWER:- When you started to study in a way, as you grew older you smoked more, then you were no longer two cigarettes in the day, but five, six … and when you start to work more (pause). Around 18 years.
QUESTION:- How many cigarettes a day did you smoke?

ANSWER:- Approximately 20. One pack a day.
QUESTION:- How long did you smoke?

ANSWER:- Almost 60 years.

QUESTION:- Why did you leave the cigarette?

ANSWER:- By an obligation, many times I thought to leave it, but I never tried. But in 2008 a daughter who lives in Canada had a child, so she was my first grandchild, she invited me around the middle of 2009 to get to know him, but then I started to become aware that it was a problem , Because I was going to go there to a country where you cannot, because almost all houses are made of wood, almost all have smoke sensors. Besides, I was going to go to a house where there was a newborn child and I was not allowed to smoke either, so I started to raise awareness. I smoked only 6 cigarettes to be there, when I ran out of those 6 I quit smoking. My dad smoked 4 packs of Red Skin daily, until one day he felt bad and just left him, I think I inherited that. The only way to leave the cigarette is root, that today I smoke five, tomorrow three … no, not that.
QUESTION:- How long have you been without smoking?

ANSWER:- 7 years or so, I left it in 2009.
QUESTION:- Did you notice improvement in your health when you quit?

ANSWER:- Unfortunately it was on the contrary, nothing had ever happened to me, when I came back, at the time I started to feel bad, I went to the doctor and he said: you have a lung disease called COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) Gave because they had left the cigarette, because the lungs were already used to that and when they cut it, they started to ask for more nicotine, the pulmonary alveoli were clogged.

Now for example, at 4:00 pm I connect to the oxygen until 10:00 am tomorrow. It all started with the cigarette and that’s what it was 35 years of working with chemicals, imagine that mixture, the lungs became misery.
QUESTION:- How did the disease manifest itself?

ANSWER:- (Silence). A lot of coughs and I was walking from here to there (he says about ten feet) I was tired horrible. Then I started a treatment with a doctor with some inhalers, until one day I was encouraged with a natural treatment, I’m finished and I have very well.
What do you think of tobacco today?

ANSWER:- It is a harmful product, even today tobacco has many more chemicals than before. The first thing that comes to mind when I mention the word cigarette is my lung disease, everyone who smokes unfortunately goes there. The cigarette has to be harmful, it does not have another turn. Previously there was no restriction and one could smoke everywhere, very good that now you can not, I am aware in addition to what they call the passive smoker, the smoke is also very harmful. The laws help a lot to control that you do not smoke in public spaces and then reduce consumption.

QUESTION:- What advice would you give to people who want to quit smoking?

ANSWER:- Do not think about methods to stop smoking, quitting is only willpower, say no more and no more.

Researcher worked all his life in a company of chemical products, in the production and sale of dyes for the textile industry, this in addition to the cigarette affected his lungs to the point of suffering these consequences.

His message is that a person smokes 1 or 20 cigarettes, these are just as harmful to the body, he says that this is a vice that will inevitably lead to diseases such as he suffers.

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