You should brush your hairs in proper way

Best tips to brush your hair properly

Hair are those threads that cover our head and are so important to our life. No matter whether you are male or female, the importance given to hair is not a matter of sex. Hair gives us security, confidence, strength, besides saying a lot about you.

beauty brushing hairs

So I decided to write these tips about how to properly comb the hair to avoid open tips, dull or brittle hair.

Use the correct brush

Investing in the right hair brush is crucial to keeping your hair healthy and shiny. Luckily, there are dozens of them on the market. For example, for long and thick hair, use a square brush, instead, if you have fine hair you should opt for a natural bristle brush.

Do not spend brushing your hair

Excessive brushing in your hair can add unnecessary stress to your filaments and end up with broken hair and open tips.

The right way to brush your hair is from the tip up, this way you will remove the tangles, which are at the ends of the hair, then brush the entire length of the hair.

DO NOT brush your wet hair without moisturizing or products

When the hair is wet it loses a lot of elasticity, so brushing after leaving the shower can break your filaments.

My advice is, once your hair is damp, apply a small amount of fabric softener without rinsing and combing with a wide tooth comb. Once your hair dries, you can brush it.

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