How can we care for our hearts on Valentine’s Day?

Prepare your heart, symbol par excellence of love. Arrive on Valentine’s Day, couples in love express their love and affection.

Do not you think it’s a great opportunity to do something for yourself? What if we pamper our heart a little?
Did you know that the quality of our relationships have a significant impact on our health? Excessive anger and stress are risk factors in heart disease because of the hormones associated with these emotions.

valentines day heart
In situations of anxiety and stress hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline are produced. When the stress level is high and continuous over time, high blood levels of these hormones can have a negative effect on the body such as increased blood pressure and risk of heart disease.

How can we care for our hearts on Valentine’s Day?

It is sometimes difficult to control stress, but it is known that social support can help reduce some of this stress.
Talking about problems with someone, hanging out with a group of friends to relieve tension, or just being in company can help reduce negative emotions.
Taking advantage of Valentine’s Day, we could do something that can be good for our heart.

Take a walk with a friend or with the couple. This is healthy for our heart.
Eat dark chocolate.

Black chocolate contains flavonoids, a substantial chemical that has anti-inflammatory properties and helps release chemicals that enhance the feeling of well-being.
Share a dinner and a bottle of red wine. Red wine also contains flavonoids.

These regularly practiced aspects increase the long-term benefits to the heart.

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