Cancer Birthstone : A Comprehensive Guide

We will see them shortly. Who was born between June 22 and July 22 belongs to this zodiac sign often considered “difficult,” but only because he often likes to be alone and defends his own space? Are you like that too?

What gemstones are linked to the Cancer zodiac sign?

Cancer, like the other Zodiac signs, has favorite stones, the most well-known of which are opal, moonstone, and rose quartz.


Opal is a popular stone because of its rainbow color. This stone, which possesses exceptional qualities, would be ideal for Cancer.

The opal would soothe this ultrasensitive sign’s emotional wounds, boost his self-esteem, and assist him in regaining his self-confidence.

The moonstone is a stone of benevolence and positivity that is also suitable for those born in the sign of Cancer. It would allow them to expand their sense of imagination and creativity.

Moonstone is also said to be able to balance the emotions and energies of those who wear it.

Rose quartz is a soft-colored stone that brings love and self-confidence to Cancer. This stone’s pink color makes it a great bracelet or necklace pendant and an anti-stress stone.

Rose quartz is also known as the Libra stone. Other gems suitable for Cancer include Tiger’s Eye, Lapis Lazuli, and Labradorite, which are also recommended as stones for Taurus.

The personality of the Cancer Sign

The element of water rules the sign of Cancer. He likes to protect what belongs to him, especially the privacy of the spaces he is strongly attached to. He strongly feels the values of home and family, in which he tries to take refuge to protect himself from the dangers of the environment. In difficult times, he sees risk in everything, isolating himself as a weapon of defense.

In his environment and soul, he only allows the entry of a very small number of people, those he considers truly worthy of trust. To those who don’t know the Cancer person, he can seem sullen and unwilling to be affectionate. In fact, to the people close to her, she shows all her affection. But, on the other hand, he is endowed with great sensitivity, is kind, and takes care not to offend others.

He can become an extremely lazy person. He always seeks confirmation from the people he loves and knows how to manage the business well. As a manager, he is ideal because he guides his employees without trying to do their job. The lucky color is white.

Cancer Lucky Stones

1- Pearl
The pearl stabilizes the user’s mood. It helps to release emotions and to accept the love of others without the need for continuous demonstrations. Giving a pearl is undoubtedly a nice gesture, given its economic value. It is even more suitable for a person born with the sign of Cancer.

2- Moonstone
Moonstone is strongly linked to the water element; it intervenes in the entire female reproductive system. Therefore, it balances the body’s energies better than any other stone, which is why I advise you to use it if you feel a deep imbalance during this period. Among other beneficial effects can be found one that strengthens the personality.

3- Rock crystal
The rock crystal promotes sincerity. It brings joy and serenity in the darkest moments. It makes the passage of energy more fluid and is used in crystal therapy mainly for this reason. Its properties are numerous, so if you are interested in working with it, I suggest you read my article in depth.

4- Ruby
Ruby believed in the past to make anyone who used it invulnerable. Today, however, she can use it if she feels a bit lazy and can no longer feel any external stimulation. Often it is a block linked to the first chakra.

5- Emerald
The emerald is in harmony with the soul of Cancer because it is considered a stone of love and friendship in its pure and selfless version. However, you can use it to bring well-being back into your life and feel in harmony with others and the entire universe.

On the surface, the Cancer can be saddened by the behavior of the people he sees. Your susceptibility may also be excessive. Throughout his life, the native of Cancer will seek to avoid conflicts or quickly overcome them to flee from them. Rose quartz will thus bring love and deep peace to resolve conflicts and create an atmosphere of perfect harmony. Cancer can also be very stubborn and doesn’t like it when things don’t go in the same direction.

What are the stones, crystals, and minerals of the astrological sign of Cancer?

Stones, minerals, and Cancer
Dates: From June 22 to July 23
Water element
Planet: Moon – Femininity

In a few words: Of a significant hypersensitivity, the natives of Cancer are very attached to their home. They have very little willpower and can be very vulnerable. Although they are cautious by nature, Cancer natives are very creative.

Cancer Stones for Work

In the field of work, people born of Cancer thrive in small structures, where they can forge strong bonds and even family ties. Imaginative, they have the gift of creation, decoration, and research and are both aggressive and determined. If creativity is blocked, it will be ideal to use the tiger’s eye stone to help it flourish and then the citrine stone to develop it. Cancers need to evolve in a reassuring and stable, but at the same time soft, personal, and professional environment. They are focused, conscientious and attentive at the same time. Citrine is a stone that will allow you to multiply this attention by ten.

Cancer Stones for Love

As the cornerstone of home and family, the Cancer is by far the most stable member of the family. From his strong emotional temperament, the Cancer native will look for a stable and reliable partner with which he can maintain his need to be alone. Romantic and sensual, the Cancer native is very protective but also possessive. If the Cancer feels insecure, then jealousy will be predominant in the couple. It is difficult to get the trust of a Cancer native, but when it is shared, it is better not to betray it. Then he will be deeply betrayed and will hold a great grudge. Thus, the citrine stone will facilitate trust and mutual respect.

Cancer Stones for Health

The Cancer native sees his main weaknesses in his digestion and chest. Citrine will be the ideal stone to stimulate the digestive system. Cancer has to be careful with discomfort because it will directly impact his health. It will be prone to states of excessive nervousness, and therefore it will be very important to control them. These anxieties can cause you to lose control of the various situations you face. Citrine will also allow him to fight in this particular case against the forms of fear that he will be able to face.

The Cancer Sign’s Weaknesses

Cancer’s strong sense of family can lead to resentment toward others who try to get too close to their own. As a result, Cancer can lock themselves into stubborn and aggressive behavior, bordering on possessiveness, out of a desire to protect their loved ones.

Cancer-born people’s high sensitivity can also lead to hypersensitivity in some people. This hypersensitivity can make it difficult for Cancer to control their emotions, leading to a withdrawn demeanor and extreme shyness.

The Cancer lucky stone can assist the wearer in balancing these flaws so that they can go through life with more calm and focus on their zodiac sign’s strengths.

Most Lucky Birthstone for Cancer

Citrine is frequently referred to as Cancer’s lucky stone. This is because it can help Cancer calm his hypersensitivity and manage his emotions without becoming stressed. In addition, it is full of healing properties.

Citrine is a semi-precious stone with yellow, orange, or even brown ocher hues widely used in jewelry. Citrine has numerous benefits, including the ability to help manage one’s emotions and improve concentration and creativity. Citrine is the ideal lucky stone for Cancer because it is useful in love, work, and personal life.

Cancer-Protective Stone

Other gemstones, in addition to citrine, which is said to bring good luck to people born under the sign of Cancer, protect Cancer from various flaws.

Celestine is a protective stone for Cancer that relieves anxiety, brings comfort, and boosts creativity. It is associated with the water sign. With a hardness of 3.5 out of 10, it is a more “soft” fine stone than other gems, making it difficult to wear on a jewel heart chakra.

Pink quartz, a popular lithotherapy stone, symbolizes love and tenderness toward oneself and others.

The emerald aids Cancer in overcoming its hypersensitivity and maintaining emotional stability.


Each Cancer is unique, and a protective or lucky stone may or may not be effective for them. Furthermore, each precious and fine stone is the subject of various beliefs, some of which are centuries old, and anyone can identify with them.

If you are a Cancer and want to choose a Cancer lucky stone, the most important thing is to identify with the stone’s virtues and appreciate its shape and color. You’ll wear it as jewelry for a long time, so choose wisely!

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