Cancer Daily Horoscope for Today Sunday 6th January 2019

Cancer Daily Horoscope for Today Sunday 6th January 2019

You will be pleasantly surprised with the way you approach a work problem that traditionally irritated you a lot. The best thing is that with this attitude you find solutions and you feel good about yourself.

This day the direct planetary transit of Jupiter in your element, water, brings good news. A news that comes from abroad will be cause for joy and hope. The possibility of a happy encounter with a friend can be the temporary solution to an economic difficulty that was disturbing you.cancer daily horoscope today sunday 6th january 2019

With the action of the Moon, your ruler, in transit to the earth element, the real values are affirmed, if your relationship is good and stable, and those that are not well settled are finished. What now happens will result in a stage of two very important years for you.

Use and apply the positive vibrations that you now receive from Venus in transit through your opposite sign in a physical exercise that mentally distracts you and at the same time strengthens you. Do not let yourself be overwhelmed by everyday worries, clear your mind.

Work and Career
The current energy favors the work and the Sunday is presented with a favorable tone to go out to look for a job, if you still do not have, or improve your current position. It is helpful for housewives because they can finish their homework on time.

Money and Luck
There is a cosmic revolution around you that favors the inflow of money. Stay tuned to the mail, phone calls and contacts through your computer because what you need is closer than you think.

You will be wanting to leave. You will want to try your charms in a large group of people. Go to a fun club or bar. Or go to chat with friends at a cafe. You will want to make new friends and share your thoughts about life. Maybe you feel like a teenager again, engaging in playful discussions and fun joke exchanges.

The hit of the 70 said it better: “You work hard for your money”. Fortunately, with a little help from the heavenly energy, all that hard work will soon pay off. You have made many sacrifices for years, and you deserve all the fortune in the world. Relax and enjoy your peace of mind today. Well done.

Today you could discover yourself jumping from one thing to the other without realizing the speed you are carrying. It is as if you drive a vehicle much faster than allowed and you will not notice it at all because everyone around you accelerates more than you.

Your social and solidarity values will have to feed your actions today! Under this lunar sextile, you will not hesitate to fly to the aid of your colleagues who row or get bogged down in Cornelian situations. The saying “Together we go further” will be your Trojan horse all day!

Neptune sextile in your sign augurs financial moderation, you will only act to buy the necessary, in a fair way for all members of the household. Beware of over consumption, check your cupboards before leaving to go shopping, even canned food.

You will have to pay particular attention today to the terms that you will use if you approach a delicate subject with the loved one. Your remarks could indeed be misinterpreted and lead to a perilous situation for the harmony of your couple. Your astral climate is undergoing the damaging position of Mars coming into your Heaven. This inclination of the planets can result in a misunderstanding of your words or a feeling of resentment towards you.

You easily amass profits because the period is good and your sobriety prevents you from spending. The configuration is ideal to start saving seriously with attractive rates, you can feed your ambitions when you feel ready.

If you had planned a weekend with your family, you may well have to change your plans. In question, an unexpected last minute, you take the wrong thing because you are on the kneecaps.

Cancer Lucky Numbers Today 6th January 2019 are 17, 24, 67,92

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