Cancer Daily Horoscope Today Friday 2nd November 2018

Cancer Daily Horoscope Today Friday 2nd November 2018

There are unsuspected events that will take place in your sentimental, Cancer reality. Prepare your bags as an unexpected trip is approaching, and well accompanied. There is a planetary influence that will launch you into an adventure capable of combining pleasure with work.

Your career will be greatly favored. The key to money is in your hands, and in your organizational capacity. Watch your accounts and financial matters. You can distract yourself and stop paying important bills. If you put your affairs in order, you will discover that you can earn more and give yourself little luxuries.

It is your Friday to leave the house and face life with great determination. Do not worry about what you can not solve now because after all, what you are looking for is very close to you. Love smiles at you and in a short time everything will be fixed. If you are a lonely heart, powerful aspects can make you the gift of a beautiful romantic encounter; you will then burn like tinder. The astral environment will favor some disputes between spouses or partners. But there will be more noise than harm. The Moon will intervene in this hustle and bustle. And then the couples will disagree, and even the most misery will find the words that touch or compromises that save … So that the day will end in beauty, in harmony.

Well the cycle for the reactivation of diseased tissues. If you have suffered a burn, skin lesion or similar problem, or suffer from skin conditions such as rashes or herpes you are receiving a good cosmic effluvium. With this astral atmosphere, the day will be very good for sports and for outdoor activities. If there is a match or there are any events near you, go ahead, preferably with a few friends. It will do you a lot of good, including changing your mind and building morale.

Concentrate on the completion of a project and carefully study the details without leaving anything out. The extra time that you invest today in this organizational work activity will give you great results next week. With this aspect of Pluto, your professional life will once again be featured. This planet will make you go alternately from enthusiasm to doubt. Sometimes confident and energetic, sometimes worried and shy, you will tend to let your moods dominate you. Yet, if you step back and analyze your situation lucidly, you will see that you have nothing to fear.

Money and Luck
A tendency to splurge can get you into debt in this cycle. Even if you have received new credit cards, do not start using them right away. Remember that companies flood you with offers, but you must buy according to your common sense without being driven by impulses. Some small financial problems will disturb you and will force you to postpone your crazy spending desires. Be more reasonable to avoid the ends of difficult and demoralizing months.

By Mary Emma

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