Cancer Daily Horoscope Today Monday 19th November 2018

Cancer Daily Horoscope Today Monday 19th November 2018

This Monday you will notice how the inconveniences of the past do not have to become obstacles in your present life. Leave behind those anxieties and resentments which only hinder your happiness and have nothing to do with the freshness and spontaneity of your sign, Leo!

Live your reality with intensity and do not spoil it. There are people around you determined to complicate your life. Do not let their bad influences and vibrations cause you problems and disturb your peace of mind. The position of the planets of today could end a period a little gray in your love and creative life? If you have not yet found your better half, this time seems promising. You will have fun and meet interesting people that could change your life!

During this planetary stage you will be in the middle of a situation that requires attention. Do not rush to make any decision until you have a cool head and can think better. Apply your experience and you will not have problems. Today all the discontented will be eliminated, since you will confront and systematically solve all the little problems that have been bothering you lately. Your tolerance limit is low, or nonexistent. Avoid co-workers or friends who have recently been irritating you. Once and for all, your wardrobe dramatically improves by getting rid of all those clothes that do not fit you or that no longer favor you.

Your integral health is intimately linked to your physical development. Hence the importance of calibrating very well what your needs are with your potential and realities so as not to make mistakes. You will find how your past resurfaces. You may hear about an old friend. You will receive an email or a phone call from a buddy. If you have not spoken for some time, make yourself a time to talk. You will enjoy if they have lunch or dinner together. Or you will run into an old girlfriend during the day. You will begin to analyze the feelings about this old relationship.

There are no difficulties that can not be overcome, but the most important thing is that at all times you concentrate on your goals, your life energy, that although there is something difficult, you rush it with determination and thus you will see how you advance within your labor issues. Today you will have a very active day, full of interesting and unusual developments. Maybe you should do several errands in your neighborhood, and maybe even a few visits. At this time you will also receive many letters and phone calls, some of them with intriguing news. It may take you some time to process all this information and make sense of it.

Money and Luck
You will receive financial support for a project that was in the air and unstable. A friendly person offers selflessly to help you and with your participation you will happily end a worrying economic issue. Today you should try to create a fantasy world. However, a good part of the day’s activities will be enveloped by the sense of external reality. While you generally like to keep your feet on the ground, keep in mind that from time to time it is essential to open up and experience other areas of thought to have a new perspective on things. Tonight let go of your hair and free yourself!

By Mary Emma

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