Cancer Daily Horoscope Today Monday 31st December 2018

Cancer Daily Horoscope Today Monday 31st December 2018

The tone that surrounds you this Monday is reflective and you will not be acting impulsively but more reasoned. You will review what you have achieved this year, now that you are entering the cycle of the cancer moon and the moon of the first week of January, and if you are alone, or alone, you will not feel the weight of loneliness because other interests They will be occupying your mind and your imagination.

Take advantage of every moment of your existence and you will be living intensely. An economic issue that bothered you begins to be solved in a direct way and without many detours or blunders. What will now appear before you will change everything in the best sense.cancer daily horoscope today monday 31st december 2018

It’s your end of the year, cancer! Go fully because life goes on in the present, not in the past or in the future. An invitation puts you in touch with someone who awakens in you feelings of love. You already know, nothing to sadden you thinking about what could be and was not. The important thing is to live intensely every day, to the fullest.

If you came out of a disease process and you find yourself convalescing from a painful physical condition you will be receiving a good cosmic harmonization from Venus, and the Moon and with its good vibrations will improve your health.

Soon you will be notified of changes in your job or a job offer that would be interesting to analyze, if it is temporary and does not take you too far from your home. A job that represents extra money at this time of year will come as a glove, and if you accept it, save it, do not waste it.

Money and Luck
What is the secret of success for you, Cancer? Follow your sense of discipline and the Cancer intuition that characterizes you, acting in a positive and optimistic way you will see how any economic loss translates into profits. If you had a bad experience in a business, learn the lesson and live the present. 2019 will begin with a prosperous tone.

By Mary Emma

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