Cancer Daily Horoscope Today Monday 3rd December 2018

Cancer Daily Horoscope Today Monday 3rd December 2018

Do not be impressed by unforeseen circumstances that you can not control since now you have intuition on your part and if you apply it well you will achieve impressive results. Even if you have many obligations and labor and social commitments, draw up an appropriate plan and do not waste time on irrelevant details that only take away energy and time to share with those who are really worth doing.

Harmonize your life in such a way that your responsibilities do not affect your love intimacy or the other vital aspects of your existence. This is now fundamental with Mercury retrograde.cancer daily horoscope today monday 3rd december 2018

Do not exaggerate. Due to the impact of the Moon, you are somewhat restless these days. It is important that you do not bring to the present anything sad because this period is to restructure your love life in a concrete way without major complications.

This day sees considering a change of scenery since the monotony and boredom tend to cause tensions within your life and this in turn influences your health.

You are about to make that positive leap in your work life that will place you in the position you should have according to your capacity and sense of responsibility. Do not be afraid to assume it, everything will be fine. Just go taking things as they are presented because now Mercury retrograde there are surprises.

Money and Luck
Put your money to work. The financial cycle grows when we put our resources in motion and it is not possible to increase profits without previous investments. This is accentuated during this stage due to the current planetary transits.

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