Cancer Daily Horoscope Today Saturday 13th April 2019

Cancer Daily Horoscope Today Saturday 13th April 2019

Your nerves have been very sensitive lately and with this lunar transit you tend to take things too personally because it is your regent in a sign of your water element, and very similar to yours, but also extremely sensitive. Try to get more in touch with your inner being and you will see how you discover many things that seemed secret to you and are not.

Your tender, motherly and loving personality impacts a person who feels very attracted to you. Smile, let him know your human side, sensitive and friendly. It is the best way to break the ice and start a relationship that promises a lot.cancer daily horoscope today saturday 13th april 2019

Someone who comes from your past will want to manipulate you sentimentally with dependent emotional attitudes. Do not be fooled by those people who are very unstable and can cause great damage in your work and love life.

Do not worry about light discomforts in the morning hours and as the hours of the day go by, you will feel better. Certain positions of high planetary conflict often cause restlessness or anxiety states.

Keep doing what you’ve been doing so far and do not let yourself be carried away by the negative feelings of people who do not feel happy with their work and try to infect you with their negative attitude. If you hear them you will be harmed.

Money and Luck
With a little bit of organization on your part and better planning the way you are investing your financial resources, you will be able to increase your income in a short time because starting today, opportunities, trips and new businesses begin to emerge.

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