Cancer Daily Horoscope Today Saturday 22nd September 2018

Cancer Daily Horoscope Today Saturday 22nd September 2018

In love something you did not expect happens and suddenly you find yourself facing a difficult decision. It is important to be guided by your common sense, previous experience and what your heart feels so that you do not take false steps.

The energy that is enveloping you in this cycle of seasonal change inspires you and projects you toward ever higher goals. Your sign shudders with a pleasant news that announces something very positive during this weekend, cancer.

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There is a person from your past that begins to hit your life with unpleasant memories. Put aside those sad ideas and propose to live a present full of happiness, without incursions into frustrations once and with more confidence in your future that is presented with possibilities of happiness.

The Moon, which is your ruler, in its current transit, emits a positive vibration in your health area and you begin to gradually improve chronic past problems. You are living a good regenerative wave and if you take advantage of it you will see recoveries in your general physical state.

The work environment is conducive to changes and requests for promotions but if you have not yet decided, wait a few days until you feel more confident of your true desires, and then your cancer intuition will indicate the best time to apply for the position to which you aspire .

Money and Luck
Maybe you get an invitation to a social activity that you do not like at all, but try to attend because if you do not move in different circles you will not be able to make yourself known or make convenient contacts for your economy which is now in the pipeline and can give you money.