Cancer Daily Horoscope Today Saturday 9th July 2022

The blend of the conscious and the subconscious makes you charismatic and popular with a powerful presence and forceful character. The Sun conjunct the Moon gives you a luminous energy, larger than life, you embody the spontaneous energy of the new Moon. Today you have the initiative and the conviction to start important projects and see them through to completion. Also, you are not afraid to stand up and take control of life. Don’t let yourself be put off by people who might be jealous of your situation. You have facilities, use them. You have no accountability.

Your intuition may be stronger than normal and can guide you to make quick decisions about the way forward. Follow your instincts and make the most of any opportunity that comes your way. The Moon sextile Uranus gives you a good time to find practical ways of doing things due to your fresh and original nature. You could receive flashes of insight to solve common problems in an instant.

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Cancer Daily Horoscope Today Monday 1st August 2022

To finalize a marriage or formalize the relationship, you must analyze for a long time the pros and cons of the commitment. Capricorn in your 7th house likes to take these issues that mark an entire life very cautiously and seriously. With the North Node in the 9th house, beware of the distraction of too much information that circulates especially on the Internet. It is necessary to learn to distinguish what knowledge is valuable and what is not in social networks. Beware of failure due to the search for meaning. You must be careful not to take things lightly.

If you can control your spending spree. Everything will be fine! Your needs for movement increase, you can’t hold still, channel your energy into sport, this will naturally regulate your appetite. Spotlight on your relationship life. Your sympathy and sociability are greatly appreciated. Your popularity rating is skyrocketing. New meetings are on the agenda and great opportunities are to be seized. Enjoy it 100%!

Scorpio in your 5th house generates an adventurous spirit in general, your behavior today is characterized by the brightness and impulsiveness of the senses. Wild and passionate in bed, with a high degree of sensitivity, but very jealous of what you consider to be your property.

You benefit from a beautiful energy, tenacious and serene, but delays risk slowing down your activities. Rather than hold your own, turn to your loves and share sweet pleasures while waiting for things to pick up speed. As a couple: Do not let yourself be overwhelmed by doubts or uncertainties, your mood could suffer and your partner would then be confronted with your anxious behavior. Savor the good times without a second thought… Single: It’s a great day to seduce easily: you just need to be diplomatic and charming. But if you hope for a more serious relationship, you will have to be convincing and appease the doubts of your conquests.

Rather ill-aspected Venus will exalt neither conventional marriage nor stable union. Many natives will consider a happy celibacy more than the servitudes of family life. Consider all the same the non-negligible advantages that the support of a solid companion brings. Singles, many of you will opt for a lasting commitment through the bonds of marriage, although you will readily admit that this institution is already outdated. This planetary environment should earn you a relatively serene family climate. If your occupations have taken you away from your loved ones lately, this will be the time to renew the dialogue, and thereby to tighten somewhat strained family ties.

The high degree of vigor that Sagittarius generates in your 6th house makes the exhaustion that your body may manifest imperceptible, in addition, the degree of energy recovery is important with this aspect, be careful not to exaggerate that thoughtless physical effort, capable of exhausting the body.

A change of office or place of life worries you a little. However, things are going better than expected. It’s a way to end the year well before the holidays. At the start of the school year, you will move up a gear. A nap of half an hour will allow you to face a rather stressful and tiring afternoon with energy. No need to lie down for this: try to doze off even at your workplace or in a park.

As a general rule, you are optimistic and you fully concentrate on your job as long as you have enough freedom to develop your ideas and nobody controls you from the outside. Finding a balance between work and fun is important so that your health is not affected. If you have pro projects, it’s on the right track. To come an evolving professional situation.

New professional proposals leave you dubious. The opportunities are endless, you are lucky, you just have to open your eyes. Fertile imagination, hard work thanks to the good influx of Jupiter. You will make sensible progress and conclude a beneficial agreement. Your daily work will give you a lot of satisfaction.

Money and Luck
With Leo in your 2nd house it won’t be difficult at all to earn money and in sufficient amounts to give yourself the life you deserve, but your kind heart and sensitivity to help everyone in need can leave you in a financially worrying situation. Learn to say no from time to time.

Believing that your financial situation is favorable is not just a pipe dream or a wish, it is much more than that, it is a reality. Everything is linked with ease, without problem, if you have investment projects, they find their place. The stars will give you a hand to consolidate or improve your financial situation. Many of you will even be entitled to an increase in your income. But don’t rest on your laurels, and don’t forget to take advantage of this lucky day to think about the future.

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